This guide is for people who are looking for golf betting sites or want to improve their knowledge. Our goal is that you can better understand and bet on golf anywhere. We will provide you with all the tools and resources you need to find the perfect website.

The first golf information dates from the 13th century. Today, golf is played all over the world. Betting on this sport has become very popular.

Golf geography and major tournaments

Each country has its own tournaments and golf competitions. But most bettors are guided by the European and the American tournaments.

The European tour takes place throughout the year and is not really limited by the geography of the Old World, because tournaments of this series look into the most remote corners of the planet – in South Africa, India, China, Australia and other countries.

PGA tour competitions are usually held from January to November. Like tennis, there are four major golf courses: US Masters in April, US Open in June, the July Open, also known as the British Open, and the US PGA Championship in August.

In most cases, professional tournaments are four day events with the goal of overcoming 72 holes. The tournament is divided into four rounds, and in their totality the golfer wins, having spent fewer hits on passing the fields.

Sometimes tournaments are held with more rapid regulations, where golfers meet head-to-head through a knockout system.

Golf Bet Types

Victory in the tournament. This is one of the most popular lines for bookmakers, but not simple for an accurate prediction. More than 200 players could win in the tournament, so it’s difficult to determine the winner.

Often the circle of real applicants is strictly outlined and the odds are not so high. Plus, usually bookmakers offer a bet on the fact that a certain golfer will not be able to win the tournament, and here the chance to get a momentary result is quite high.

Victory at the tournament stage. Not all popular golfers manage to start tournaments with victories, and you may well hit the jackpot at the win of a middle-level athlete in the first stage of the competition.

Hit the top. Many bookmakers making the line for getting an athlete into a top. The most common tops in offers – top 3, top 5, top 10. If you are confident in the readiness of the golfer, but don’t want to risk betting on victory, then this is a good option for betting.

Comparison of golfers. The classic bet for individual sports. Here you can predict which of the proposed two golfers will occupy a higher place in the final classification.

The best among compatriots. At large PGA and European tournaments, you can often find such an unusual line. A list of golfers from a certain country, widely represented at the competitions, is offered, and you can try to guess the best in the final table – for example, the best American, Irish or Swede.

Golf Betting Strategies

The key to profitable golf betting will be your development of a specific game strategy that will allow you to regularly find value in the line. Four important things can be distinguished, the combination of which should make a mosaic of a winning strategy.

Golfers uniform. The first question that you should ask yourself when choosing a bet on a golfer is in what competitive form is the athlete currently in?

You need to pay attention to the latest results in tournaments, and there is no doubt that you need to refrain from betting on a golfer who could not even portray the fight in five past tournaments. For example, in 2015, on a European tour, 29 of the 33 stage winners entered at least once in the top 20 in five tournaments that preceded the victory.

Results on a specific field. Equally important is the fitness of the chosen golfer for the field on which he will play. The routes of many famous golf courses that host PGA or European tour competitions do not change over the years. In view of this, it’s easy to track how much the athlete’s playing style corresponds to a particular tournament.

There are frequent cases when the “dark horse” does not show brilliant results in principle, but from year to year on the same field overcomes the highest tournament barriers. For example, there are fields that are considered to be more old-fashioned, where special accuracy and accuracy are needed when starting strikes: the abundance of natural obstacles like trees and tall grass does not allow physically strong golfers to take risks and use all their power when striking.

Considered more modern, well-groomed fields in open areas are no longer so convenient for slender golfers who rely on accuracy. Powerful hitters gain an advantage by having more space for mistakes and by developing movement along the route with long strokes.

Weather factor. In golf, the elements can have a fairly large impact on the game. There are several fields on the PGA tour that have historically earned the reputation of being especially windy, and wind gusts are a pretty serious annoying factor for players.

Not all golfers are able to adapt to episodic impulses – special patience and concentration are necessary here, and the trajectory of strokes should be lower. Therefore, in windy weather, golfers from the UK or Scandinavians, who are used to playing in such conditions since childhood, or representatives of the windy states of America (Texas and Florida usually perform better).

However, the factors of the players form and fitness for the field are more important when choosing a bet, as it’s sometimes almost impossible to predict the weather on a particular day. Especially if you want to catch a good coefficient at the start of the line. Unfortunately, even the best meteorologists are not yet able to give an accurate forecast on the speed and direction of the wind a few days before the event.

Player experience. Think ten times before risking money on a promising golfer craving the first trophy on a serious tour. Yes, he could tear opponents on the fields of tournaments of lesser importance for several months, thanks to which he received an invitation to a large event. Serious, experienced golf “lions” don’t need unnecessary fuss and can easily get to the big PGA or European tournaments without tiring trips in the hope of getting extra points.

The fact is that a golfer who wins once in PGA or ET gets an opportunity to play in big tournaments from two to five years later, regardless of the current results. This is a circle of favorites, in which entry is reserved for beginners right up to the first serious victory, and titled golfers are actually masters of their schedule, without needing an extra play to survive on the tour.

Statistic for prediction

On the same site of the PGA tour, you can find a lot of statistical indicators and samples that can help about the formation of rates. Here are the most important of them.

Driving Accuracy. Special precision long-range strikes in the initial stages. And the Driving Accuracy indicator will help to get basic information about the reliability of strikes – this is the percentage of strokes of a golfer who reach the “working areas”, the fireworks.

Driving Distance. These statistics will help to get a basic idea of ​​the strength of the golfer’s blow, of the average distance that the ball overcomes after strikes. Especially important indicator is considered in more open fields with a limited number of obstacles.

Greens in Regulation, GIR. Many consider these statistics to be the most important in golf, thanks to it you can evaluate the skill of the player as a whole. This is the percentage of golfer’s hits on the green (a convenient area directly around the hole) at least two strokes before the pair (par of the norm of the number of strokes for a particular route).

Players with a high percentage of GIR in recent tournaments usually have a higher chance of winning, their golf is more stable and less stressful.

Putting Average. A putt is a hit performed on the green immediately in front of the hole, a cherry on the cake of any masterfully traveled route. A good golfer is required to accurately and accurately perform the final blow so that the work on the passage of the field is not in vain. The lower the Putting Average, the better.

Scrambling. An indicator showing the ability of a golfer to get out of difficult situations. This is the percentage of success after a player missed the green within 50 yards.

Golfers with high scrambling are ready to face troubles and, with short-term difficulties, are still able to stay in the race. While bad scramblers are less stable and on florid routes can quickly lose their temper.

How to choose the best bokmaker for golf betting?

In the West, golf is a popular sport with a particularly dense concentration of fans among wealthy people. In this regard, the golf betting market is well developed, and there are many people who are ready to risk considerable amounts, betting on their favorite players.

If you want to bet on golf, you need to find a site with excellent golf betting coverage. In 2009, golf was included in the program of the Olympic Games, so for sure this sport will receive some kind of impetus in development. This is not a bad time to immerse yourself in the aesthetics of this beautiful and smart sport, which golf betting can help you a lot. We have prepared for you 10 criteria by which you can choose the best bookmaker:

  • Reputation
  • Safety
  • Payout methods
  • Easy to use
  • Bonuses
  • Variety of golf bets
  • Speed Withdrawal
  • Quality support
  • App and mobile version
  • Competitive lines

Ease of Use

The site should be accessible and easy to use. We do not want to waste our time in vain. The user wants to quickly and efficiently make a bet. Ease and convenience. The design should be pleasant to the eye, and the functions are accessible and understandable even to beginners. All main features should be placed in the right place, and their download speed should be as high as possible.

App and mobile version

Today it is difficult to imagine a modern resource without an optimized mobile version or application. Most users use smartphones. It’s convenient and efficient. Therefore, the mobile version of the site needs to limit a lot of attention. The application should look professional and all the most important functions of the resource should work and be accessible. The user can get his device anywhere and quickly make the desired bet.

Competitive lines

Competitive lines for the site and the ability to visit by more users. The more variations and offers, the players have more interest in this resource. Template odds don’t always attract professional bettors. Everyone wants to stand out and establish themselves, but not all sites do it. In golf betting, nuances and options are important for every occasion.


In this industry, reputation and experience sometimes play the most important role.A company with a more successful history tends gain more credibility. Attitude to users, understanding of the needs and subtleties of this sport, create an impression. How the site has established itself and how well it performs and work – is one of the main criteria for trusting it.

Payout methods

Today there are many payment systems. The user must be sure that he will be able to withdraw money where he needs. A successful bookmaker provides a choice of all the necessary and affordable payment methods. Ease of transferring funds on the site and between accounts is one of the main priorities.

Speed Withdrawal

The speed of payment and withdrawal of money plays a huge role in the trust and constant use of the site. User must be sure that his funds will be withdrawal quick and easy. Nobody wants to spend their time waiting and lose their money. Caring for reliability adds confidence in the use of the resource.


Everyone wants to betting safe. Data protection levels and Privacy. The user should feel safe and not take risks. His history and account on the site should be carefully protected. Online secority and licensing are very important in this industry.

Variety of golf bets

The user should have many options for choosing a bet. The more types of bets, the more unique the resource. Types of golf betting are important when you wanna want to use a unique strategy to win. Different types of golf bets help to discover more chances to win.


Bonuses, promotions and special offers attract new users and stimulate already advanced players. Getting the opportunity to receive bonuses you have more motivation for new bets. Free bonuses, wellcome bonuses indicate the success of the site. Most players love this and bookmakers always try to please their players.

Quality support

Customer Service is very important for any business. The speed and quality of providing assistance says a lot about the attitude of the site towards its users. The faster and more efficient the consultation is, the more satisfied the user. This function should work correctly and provide maximum assistance in a given situation.

Golf seems to be written in the script of an American film in which a meaningless player gathers his will into a fist and wins a major tournament, so many frank outsiders win so often in golf tournaments. Golf lovers will love romance in sports, but betting is not easy. At least professional bettors avoid betting on golf, and amateurs have less chance of winning this sport.

Top 3 Golf Betting Sites


This is one of the most popular sports betting sites. The company has a long history and the trust of millions of users from around the world. Bovada is well established in the United States, but European countries also use it often. Large selection of competitive lines and odds. Many attractive bonuses and promotions. User-friendly interface and easy to use mobile version. You can talk about this bookmaker for a long time, but it’s best to go in and familiarize yourself once.


This company was founded in 2004. Proven and reliable bookmaker, to which there is trust. A simple site with all the available and necessary functions. Fast withdrawals and data protection. BetOnline has futures and specials golf features for betting. Top players, popular events and tournaments. It’s easy and clear to bet on this resource.


It’s one of the most trusted Sportsbook and Online betting site. Pro tournament lines and popular odds. Many bonuses and contests. MyBookie is a high-quality modern website with many useful features. This bookmaker has many positive reviews. Fast and efficient help centr.