All About MMA Betting

Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA for short, is becoming increasingly popular as a sport and it doesn’t look as if this trend is going to subside that quickly. Fans all over the world can get excited about the spectacular fights. But the discipline is much more versatile than one might think. From hard knockouts to strategic wrestling on the ground, spectators are offered a wide range. And as with all competitive sports, there are lucrative opportunities to place bets on MMA, adding to the excitement. With this detailed article we would like to provide a basic overview of all important topics that play a role in mixed martial arts and MMA betting.

MMA Betting Basics

Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA for short, is a sport that has enjoyed great popularity since the 1990s. In this full-contact sport, two opponents compete in a fight to defeat the opponent with punching and kicking techniques.

In addition to elements from wrestling, various fighting techniques from boxing, kickboxing and taekwondo, Muay Thai and karate are used.Hence the term Mixed Martial Arts, because the term can best be translated by “mixed martial arts”.

Probably the most popular organization that organizes competitions in this sport is Ulitmate Fighting Championship (short MMA).

MMA can therefore be called something like the premier class within the MMA sport. In these events, which have been organized since 1993, the best MMA fighters meet each other.The headquarters is in Las Vegas, where the highest quality fights are also held.

MMA Rules

Where and how do we fight?

MMA fights are fought in an octagon, which is bordered by a wire mesh fence. However, this is not obligatory. For example, Japanese MMA fights are fought in a boxing ring.

Also the length of a fight is different. In the MMA, however, the following scheme has become generally accepted: 3 x 5 minutes in normal fights, 5 x 5 in title fights.

MMA Equipment

It doesn’t take much to step into the octagon as a MMA fighter. Basically, only two pieces of equipment are relevant. These would be the thin gloves open at the fingers and pants reaching to the knee. T-shirts and the like are not allowed in MMA fights.

Which MMA weight classes are there?

Currently there are nine different weight classes in the MMA. Some of them, like Super Heavywight (over 120 kg) are currently not used.

MMA weight classesLimit weight
Strawweight 52,15 kg
Flyweight 57 kg and less
Bantamweight 57 to 61 kg
Featherweight 61 to 66 kg
Lightweight 66 to 70 kg
Welterweight 70 to 77 kg
Middleweight 77 to 84 kg
Light Heavyweight 84 to 93 kg
Heavyweight 93 to 120 kg
Super Heavyweight over 120 kg

How do you win a MMA fight?

There are also several ways to win MMA fights. The most spectacular one is the knockout as in boxing.

  • K.O.: Here the opponent faints by means of a targeted punch or kick. However, the decision whether the opponent has been “knocked out” is made by the referee. As long as the referee does not officially confirm a knockout, the opponent lying on the ground may be attacked.
  • Technical knockout: Unlike a “normal” knockout, the fighter is conscious, but due to an injury he is no longer able to fight. However, it is again the referee’s decision whether a technical knockout will result in an end of the fight.
  • Surrender: As the name of the winning method already indicates, a fighter wins by his opponent giving up.
  • Referee decision: If after 3 or 5 rounds there is still no winner, the referee will decide who has won. This is done by awarding points to both fighters based on impact hits, knockdowns and superiority on the ground.
  • Disqualification: Occurs when a fighter seriously injures his opponent with an illegal attack or when an opponent fails to appear (forfeit).

Can a fight end in a draw?

Yes, even that is possible. This is when an unintentional foul leads to a serious injury of the opponent, whereupon the fight cannot be continued or if both fighters commit a serious foul at the same moment.

Fouls during MMA fights

Even in MMA fights there are rule violations that can lead to a deduction of points or even disqualification.

Head butts, biting, pulling hair or attacking the eyes are prohibited as well as low blows or spitting. A total of 30 different fouls are punished according to the rules.

The MMA fighting styles

In MMA fights, fighters can use a variety of different fighting styles.

The different styles are divided into three categories: Stand up, which includes classic kickboxing or boxing, clinch (e.g. judo) or floor (jiu-jitsu).

Stand upClinch Ground
Boxing Judo Submission Wrestling
Savate Freestyle Judo
Muay Thai WrestlingBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Combat Sambo Sambo Catch Wrestling
Kickboxing San ShouSambo
Capoeira Muay Thai
San Shou

MMA Glossary – important terms

  • Punch: Fist punch
  • Kick: Kick with the foot, with moving hip
  • Takedown: Opponent is taken off balance to get him on the mat.
  • Clinch: body of the opponent is held with one or both arms to prevent hits
  • Submission: Enemy is forced to surrender by lever hold or cutting off the air supply.
  • Guard: Fighter lies with his back flat on the ground and holds the opponent with his legs embraced.
  • Mount: Best floor position; punches come from the fighter sitting on top, opponent below is hardly able to act.
  • Striker: Standing fighter who uses all “weapons” (hands, elbows, knees, etc.).
  • Decision: Point decision
  • Rubber Match: Third clash between two rivals
  • Technical knockout: Referee stops the fight, maybe because of an injury
  • Submission: Task of a fighter
  • Doctor Stoppage: Doctor stops fight in favor of a winner
  • Split Draw: 2 judges vote for one fighter at a time, while the third judges consider the fight a draw.

The best betting providers for MMA betting

MMA betting or betting on MMA is becoming more and more popular, which correlates not least with increased TV and streaming transmissions. Nevertheless, the sport is still neglected by some bookmakers, including some of the leading online betting companies. Other, smaller bookies have recognized trend sports as an opportunity to distinguish themselves from the established sports betting providers.


Bovada is known among the bettors for their service quality they offer to their clients. It is easy to make a deposit and withdraw the funds regardless to the kind of sport and the bet type. It is possible to contribute to the account with the help of AMEX, cridit card or a gift voucher free of charge for the first time. It is also possible to make a deposit with bitcoin which is free of charge too.

There is also a comfortable P2P Bovada voucher. Customer Support is available 24/7 both in English and Spanish. The sports outlook section is easy to comprehend and the live sports section is very quick so that the customers would’t be able to lose any second.


Betway is no stranger to the betting market. Since 2006, the London-based bookmaker has been involved in the sports betting business and has constantly expanded its customer base. 13 years of betting experience and a license from Malta stand for the fact that the betting provider works seriously; a fraud can be excluded.

Good betting odds, a comprehensive selection of sports bets and a successful web presence, large live betting offers, lucrative bonus offers for new and existing customers: Betway has everything a good online bookmaker needs. The offer can also be conveniently accessed via mobile devices, however, an extra app is not available. But that does not diminish the betting experience.


Navigation of Betonline is simple and easy to understand. The resource functionality is at the highest level. On their website Betonline has a very well-designed Live section, and despite the fact that it contains only the most popular sports events, bets are made there very quickly, with minimal delay.

You can deposit and withdraw money from your account in the following ways – MoneyBookers, Neteller, Check, Visa, MasterCard, and bank transfers. There are no account replenishment limits, everything depends on the chosen payment system. Withdrawing money in the office is limited, you can not withdraw more than 100 thousand dollars, or their equivalent in another currency, a month.


The site is available in Russian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Norwegian. The account can be opened in rubles, dollars, euros, Brazilian reals and Mexican pesos. The functionality of the site is not limited to sports and eSports betting: virtual sports, live casinos, poker, games, etc. are available. The office provides live video broadcasts of sporting events. The site has a mobile version and application for Android.

BetNow shows a very high rate of inflow of new players, which indicates a competent management administration. At the same time, the attendance schedule indicates that most of the new clients who came to the site, remain to play in the office. BetNow can be recognized as a dynamically developing office.

Spin Sports

Spin Sports bookmaker’s office was founded in 2017. You can use its service in desktop or mobile version. The interface is available in twenty languages: English, German, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian, Finnish, Greek, Polish and others.

The minimum deposit amount accepted by the service is 10 euros, and you can withdraw up to 4,000 EUR per week. The minimum rate is 10 euro cents. To make money transactions you can use ecoPayz, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, EntroPay, Visa Electron as well as Trustly, PaySafeCard, iDebit and Flexepin.

Is there a MMA bonus?

Basically, the welcome bonus, which is available at almost every betting provider for registration as a gift to new customers, can be used for almost every betting event (depending on the terms and conditions) and therefore also for MMA bets.

The same applies to various special offers such as freebets, which existing customers can also use.

MMA Betting – What types of bets are available?

Due to the rules and the versatility of the sport MMA, a competition can have different outcomes.

As varied as fights can be, the betting program at online bookmakers can be as varied as the betting program at online bookmakers around MMA betting or MMA tips.

  • Victory bet: In the technical jargon called Moneyline; the winner in a fight is tipped in the classic way (usually two-way).
  • Prop Bets: More specific bets can also be made – for example on the type of victory or the winning method. These include betting markets such as “win by points”, “win by submission” or “win by knockout”.
  • Over/Under bets: Over/under bets can also be placed in the area of MMA or MMA bets. Typically, bets are placed on how many rounds the match will go before a winner is determined.
  • No Contest: If you come across a three-way bet on a MMA fight in a bookie, this is not a mistake. In fact, there is the possibility of a draw – if the opponent is so injured by an unintentional (!) foul that the fight cannot continue; or if both sides commit a serious foul at the same time.
  • Double chance: This type of betting, known from football, where players can cover themselves for two of the three match exits, is also offered in a modified form in MMA betting and MMA betting. As two-way bets are usually offered for winning bets, double chance bets do not refer to the outcome of the match, but to the winning method – for example: wins by knockout or submission. Here too, the betting odds, due to the increased probability of winning, are reduced compared to the individual bet.
  • Special bets: A very broad category that includes many betting markets. These include bets on whether a fight will go the full distance, whether points will be deducted, a surrender or disqualification will occur, a simultaneous knockout will take place and even quite curious MMA bets such as that Russian star Khabib will fight a bear after his fight.
  • Long term betting: These are also available in MMA but in a lighter form. Bets on the tournament winner or championship winner are less common, especially in MMA fights.
  • Single bets: As the name implies, only a single event is settled separately. This means that the risk is lower than in combination betting, but in return, higher betting stakes or odds are often a prerequisite for high winnings.
  • Combined bets: With the combined bet it is exactly the other way round. Several individual events can be combined to form a large combi, with the advantage of collecting larger winnings even at lower odds or stakes. However, the price is an increased risk of losing the bet, as all the tips must add up.
  • System bet: The system bet combines the combination option of the combination bet with the reliability of the single bet. As a rule, several matches are combined to form different combinations; those that do not work out are eliminated, leaving any winnings from the remaining system combinations. Since each system betting combination requires a separate stake, a proud stake amount is quickly accumulated.
  • Live betting: Of course, live bets can also be placed on MMA bets. However, the offer is much more modest in many bookies than in football; many an online sports betting provider even completely omits MMA from its live betting centre.

Choosing the right betting provider is therefore all the more important for MMA Tipper.

Another special feature: Unlike in football, for which some online bookmakers offer live streams, the MMA Fights are currently (as of November 2019) not broadcast in the live betting centre of the betting provider for legal reasons.

MMA betting tips and betting strategies

If you want to bet on MMA, you should of course not do so without the necessary background knowledge or strategy.

In order to help newcomers to betting, we have compiled some tips and betting strategies for MMA and MMA betting, which may also be of help to seasoned MMA experts.

The most important thing about MMA betting is to accept that anything can happen and there is no guarantee of winning. In order to keep the risk as low as possible, a certain expertise is required.

It is therefore advisable to get enough information and statistics before a fight, or perhaps look at the previous fights again to get a feeling for your fighter.

Check statistics

As mentioned at the beginning, statistics can also be very helpful, although the material here is rather limited.

The most important and first balance that MMA Tipper should “counter-check” is the win/loss ratio. Betting against superstar Khabib may well have its reasons, but the fact that he has not yet lost should be taken into account.

The knockout or submission balance also provides information on which betting type promises the best chance of success.

At the same time, however, one should not be blinded by statistics. There are fighters who have a very good overall winning record, but on closer examination it turns out that the most successful time was several years ago.

Previous experience

Almost as important as the victory record is the previous experience of individual fighters.

It is not uncommon for fighters from other martial arts to join the MMA. Whether a popular wrestling professional can then gain a foothold in the MMA at the first attempt should be viewed with a certain skepticism.

Conversely, a gifted former boxer can shine against experienced MMA fighters who have particular difficulties with the fighting style.


Did a fighter have a long journey and possibly jet lag? This is a question that should be asked especially when tips are given on fighters whose nationality is not USA.

Most of the fights take place on US soil, which could be a significant advantage for fighters who live there. Also the support of the local fans can have an inspiring effect on a fighter.

On the other hand, it is conceivable that some US fighters have problems with fights that take place far away from home due to habitual reasons.

Young Savage

Experience is of course as important as in any sport. Especially in such demanding sports as MMA, a young, hungry fighter can quickly show an established fighter his physical limits.

Weight classes

Just because you know a lot about individual superstars like Conor McGregor doesn’t mean that you’re automatically an all-round MMA expert. The Irishman may be a house number in his weight class, but in others completely different names dominate.

Combined bets

For those who are not yet quite so familiar with the game and therefore want to bet with small stakes, the combination bet is recommended, where there is a higher risk of losing, but in return a decent profit can be made with smaller bets.

Professional tipsters, on the other hand, can make better use of their specialist knowledge with the combined bet, as in the case of success the odds of several individual events can be combined and thus a significantly higher profit can be achieved than with the single bet.


A good MMA tipper always needs to know when is the right time to pull the ripcord. The Cashout feature, which is offered by betting providers such as Bet365, gives the tipper an extended strategic scope. This can be used to limit the damage in the event of an imminent defeat or to secure a bet in advance.


Especially with MMA bets and MMA bets, it is noticeable that bookmakers only roll out their offer of additional bets relatively late. It is therefore worth waiting a while before offering the full range of bets. After all, the classic win bet does not always have to be the best betting market.

MMA Betting Advantages

MMA betting or betting on mixed martial arts offers some advantages that other betting sports can offer little or no. We have compiled some of these in the following.

  • An advantage that may seem a little strange at first glance is that MMA betting in this country, despite its increasing popularity, is still rather a marginal note – in any case, in terms of statistical information and the like:This has the advantage that bookmakers sometimes cannot be as precise in setting odds as in the mass sport of football. Higher quota keys may be the consequence – but not the only one.
  • Since MMA betting plays a rather subordinate role for the majority of bookmakers, the bookies that occupy this niche (such as Ohmbet) do their utmost to maintain their pioneering role. After all, in such a hard-fought business there are few opportunities for newcomers to stand out from the crowd and challenge the industry giants. For the common tipper, this has the pleasant side effect that quota margins are significantly lower and (bonus) promotions are increasingly offered.
  • Due to the complexity resulting from the free use of various fighting techniques, successful MMA Tipper requires some expert knowledge.Of course, surprises do happen in martial arts; however, with the necessary expertise, much more can be achieved than in many other sports.

MMA Betting: What to look out for

Where there is light, there is usually shadow. And so, of course, MMA bets also have one or two disadvantages for tipsters.

  • The lack of (statistical) information can not only be seen as a positive aspect, as it not only makes bookmakers less precise in their odds allocation, but also the tipster himself, which means that there is an increased risk that his own prognosis will be wrong.
  • With the right expertise, this gap can be narrowed, but this makes the sport difficult to grasp, especially for newcomers. At the very least, it requires good preparation before a bloody MMA beginner will dare to give the first tips.
  • Since many info pages and generally the majority of MMA content is written in English, a solid knowledge of English is required – also to acquire the necessary expertise. The number of German MMA content is constantly increasing.
  • Last but not least, the choice is very limited with many bookies. With the exception of a few MMA betting specialists, a large number of current betting providers still offer relatively few bets online.

Our above list of the best MMA betting providers provides a guide to which betting providers MMA Tippers are in good hands with.