Our world can be imagined without any of the existing sports, but not without soccer. This is the number one game, the hobby of billions, the whole religion. Naturally, in terms of the number of bets accepted by bookmakers, soccer holds a confident first place.

The soccer popularity – advantage and disadvantage. The plus is that it’s easy to find the information you need, the broadcast, the conditions of the bookmakers are profitable, and the minus is that the analysts of them are versed in this sport, it’s most difficult to beat them, especially if we are talking about the long term betting.

So the ease of soccer for betting is very deceptive, so you need to seriously approach the game if you don’t want to quickly “drain” your deposit.

Sports betting popularity is growing every year. A lot of bets are made on matches of the Champions League and Europa League, games of leading European soccer championships, etc.

Professional bettors, choosing the right event for a bet, carefully study the information about it beforehand. It’s easy to find now different betting sites with statistical and news sections. They have detailed information that the bookmaker might have missed.

In the searching for betting websites, users divided into 3 types:

  • The firs’s are directly searching for betting sites (online bookmakers).
  • The second’s are looking for sports statistics sites to find profitable betting options. Missed details by the bookmaker when setting odds.
  • Third’s are looking for useful sites where you can find the latest news, expert opinions and free fpredictions.

Types of Soccer Betting

The biggest mistakes of amateur players – they betting without studying main bet types. When making bets, you need to understand what it means and in which cases a bet expects to win or lose. Actually, more on that later.

There are a lot of varieties of betting on soccer matches, perhaps you could write a book about that. There are an incredible amount of them, and every year bookmakers manage to come up with new options for betting, sometimes even very exotic ones, for example, betting on removing a coach, goalie’s goal, a bite of Luis Suarez and so on. We show only the most popular types of bets.

Match Betting

It’s the simplest type of betting that the gambling world has known about since the time of the first sports sweepstakes. The main outcome called betting on the winner of the match and a draw. In soccer there are three options:

  • P1 – the first team will win
  • X – will be a draw
  • P2 – the second team will win.

Double Chance

A double outcome or double chance is a subspecies of the previous type of soccer betting. In this case, the bet combines two outcomes out of three possible: P1, X, P2. As a result, we get three options:

  • 1X is P1 or X, that is, failure to lose the first team
  • X2 is P2 or X, the failure of the second team
  • 12 is P1 or P2, that is, the victory of one of the opponents

Example, a player bets 1X for a match between Bayern and Real. He will only lose if Real will win. A victory in Bavaria or a draw will bring a win. That’s why this bet is called a double chance – in better there are two out of three chances.

Match Total

Total in soccer is the number of goals scored. The main bets in this category are match total over or under. The bookmaker sets the value of the total, and the player is faced with the task of predicting whether over or under goals will be scored for two teams. For example, if a better puts Total Over (2.5) – the total is more than 2.5 goals, then to win a bet it is necessary that 3 or more goals are scored in a duel.

There are also bets on the total of the first and second halves, or individual segments of the game, for example, you need to predict the total in the playing interval from the 15th to the 30th minute. In addition, it’s possible to bet on an individual total – the number of goals scored by a particular team.

Asian handicap

Betting on the winner of the meeting, taking into account the handicap (advantages). You can bet on the team with a positive handicap, or negative. Let’s say we took a (-1.5) head start on the hosts in the match Barcelona – Juventus. A bet will be winning if Barca wins with a difference of two or more goals.

Accurate score

Difficult to predict the type of rates, because you need to name the exact final score of the match. However, the odds in this market are quite attractive, so it always makes sense to take a chance.

Goal authors

Another type is betting on goal authors or, in other words, total players. Players today can put on a goal in a match almost any soccer player. Moreover, on the most productive, for example, Ronaldo, Messi, Lewandowski, you can meet the total goals over 1.5 or even 2.5.

Time match

An interesting version of the game where the better needs to guess not only the outcome of the match, but also the outcome of the first half. For example, an X/P1 bet means that the first half will end in a draw, and the hosts will win the match.


A scatter of bets on goals in bookmakers, the most popular of which are both teams to score, a goal in the first half, who will score the first goal and so on.

Game stats

Recently, bookmakers allow betting on statistical indicators, the number of which is constantly increasing. These are corners, fouls, yellow cards, offsides, percentage of possession of the ball, shots on target, etc.

Long Bets

The peculiarity of these bets is that they are made on the outcome of tournaments or other soccer events. Here are the bets on the winner of the championship, and on the team’s exit to the Champions League playoffs, and on the top scorer, and on the winner of the Golden Ball.

Major soccer betting championships

In the line of bookmakers you can find several hundred different soccer tournaments for betting, even the league of Haiti, Zambia or Malta. Undoubtedly, if you understand such exotic championships, you can make good money by betting on the matches of these tournaments. But it’s better to choose status competitions. Firstly, it’s easier to find information, statistics, broadcasts on them. Secondly, the coefficients are higher and the painting is wider. And thirdly, the likelihood of contractual matches, a cancerous tumor of modern sports, is much lower. First of all, it is worth taking a look at the following soccer tournaments:

Champions League – a place where the strongest clubs in Europe gather. The advantage of Champions League for bets is that here all the teams play with great dedication, and the number of agreements is close to zero.

Europa League – the younger sister of the Champions League, of course, is not so beautiful and popular, but it’s also in great demand among bettors. You can always choose good matches for betting.

Premier League (English Premier League) – number one among all the national championships for many years. Good performance, high speeds, an unpredictable games for the title and amazing victories of outsiders – this is what the Championship of England is famous for.

Spanish Primera – naturally, Real, Barcelona and Atletico immediately come to mind. But you should not abuse the bets on the victories of these teams. Odds are usually scanty, and sensations occur from time to time.

German Bundesliga – in Germany there is a soccer shark Bavaria, several elite clubs, including Borussia, Bayer, Schalke and others. In addition to these teams, in the Bundesliga show good play and other teams, bets on which can be very profitable.

Italian Serie A – immersed in tactical schemes, Italy sometimes surprises with their unpredictability, but in general an easily predictable championship for bets, despite all the stereotypes about a large number of contractual matches, is in the past.

French League 1 – the French League is blooming every year. If before, PSG was doing what it wanted here, now there are Monaco, Nice, Lyon and Marseille, who are ready to play for their place under the sun. A significant advantage of League 1 is considered to be high-quality broadcasts.

Dutch Eredivisie – the shadow in the top leagues of the Dutch Soccer Championship has the status of one of the most successful. In the Netherlands, they don’t like to dig around their gates, attacking soccer is in trend, which makes the Eredivisie a favorite tournament for players who bet on total.

Portuguese Super League – in general, the championship is not the strongest, but it’s pulled by three whales – Benfica, Porto and Sporting, sometimes Braga shoots. Actually, matches involving these teams are of interest for betting.

World Cup – the favorite dish of all soccer fans is the World Cup. Matches go one after another, thanks to which you can use a variety of strategies and convert your love of soccer into money.

European Soccer Championship – the second most important tournament at the national level is the Euro, which is not as bright as the World Cup, but more predictable, which is a plus for predictions and bets.

America’s Soccer Cup – don’t forget about Copa America, a tournament between the South American national teams, which is distinguished by their special color and a large number of goals scored.

Experienced players are advised to bet on such major tournaments as Champions League, European Championship, World Cup, European Championship, and at the same time focus on any one national championship, having studied it in detail.

Top Soccer Betting Strategies

Strategy – your plan, guided by which you bet on soccer in the bookmaker. They help beginners not to lose their entire bank, and in the future – to consistently receive profit from betting. The main purpose of strategies is bankroll management. Consider the basic game strategies for betting on soccer.

Flat – the most simple and convenient strategy with which almost every second bettor started. The essence of the flat is to bet the same amount every time, for example, $5.

Martingale – more effective, but at the same time more risky betting system, since after each loss the size of the bet doubles and you need to play at odds of 2.00.

Percentage of the bank – in fact, an analogue of a flat, the only difference is that you need to bet not a fixed amount, but a certain percentage of all the money allocated for bets.

Snowball – a very good strategy for beginners, which allows you to hone your skills with minimal risk. All that is needed is to allocate some small amount, for example, $3, and put on the match. If you win, then again we bet the entire amount on the next match. And so on until you reach your goal, say $200.

Where to bet on soccer?

An important, and sometimes the main aspect of betting is the choice of a bookmaker. It may seem to a beginner that all bookmakers are “on one face”, but this is by no means the case. Not only are there very good, medium and bad ones, the latter are fraudulent and may not pay the winnings, but each one has own peculiarities that each player has their own value: bonuses, mobile version, payment methods, etc.

Simply put, you need to pay attention not only to the credibility and reliability of the operator, but also to the compliance of the bookmaker with your exact requirements. We will not delve into this issue, because you can either visit the rating of bookmakers, or read in detail about the choice of a bookmaker and get acquainted with the reviews of bookmaker on our website. Here we only highlight the main criteria that players should pay attention to first of all:

  • The presence of a license that allows you to accept bets online
  • The life of the betting company and their reputation
  • A list of payment methods, among which should be convenient for you
  • High ratios, wide painting and a rich line of events
  • The interface and navigation of the bookmaker site, which should be convenient for the player
  • Bonus program and promotions if you want to receive additional profit
  • Professional support service, ready to help at any moment
  • Mobile site and app if you plan to install from a mobile

Do you need to trust to soccer predictions?

Discussions about predictions are constantly grinding between the players. And in 95% of cases, betters fiercely criticize predictions and call them various offensive words. But let’s think like Homo Sapiens: a soccer prediction is an assessment of the chances of teams and determining the most likely result, based on which the mapper chooses a bet, focusing on the ratio of the outcome coefficient to the risk.

In other words, no one will ever give a guarantee. Or are soccer predictions always 100% correct? The problem with the players is that they want to find a magic wand, while not wanting to adequately assess reality. Thus, it’s worth trusting soccer predictions, but the final decision must be made personally.

Another question is who to trust? The network now has a lot of sites, blogs, publics and forums where they give predictions for soccer, both for free and for money. It’s clear that not all of them should be trusted. Check, follow the prediction to make sure of their professionalism.

How to start making money on soccer betting?

Above, we examined all the most important components of soccer betting. Let’s remember everything in order. So, the conversation began about the popularity of soccer and the advantages/disadvantages of this sport for betting, then we studied the main types of soccer betting, after we got acquainted with the main tournaments and chose the most suitable ones, then we adopted the game strategy.

The next station was the bookmakers and their right choice. We hope that with the help of this article and our rating you were able to choose a worthy bookmaker. And finally, we debated on the topic of soccer predictions.

What’s next? And then replenish the account in bookmaker, choose a match, read the prediction, draw conclusions and bet on the specific outcome of the soccer confrontation in the bookmaker. If everything is systematized and guided by a competent strategy, with experience you can regularly earn money using betting.

Maybe we missed something? You know, there is another important point that you should pay attention to – this is the psychology of rates. First of all, remember, emotions are your enemy. Eliminate the excitement and don’t let it interfere with the game. Forget about your favorite and least favorite teams, all this subjectivity brings you closer to losing a bankroll. Speaking of the bank – another strong aspect. Having chosen a strategy, you need to learn how to clearly distribute money for bets and under no circumstances play all-in.

And that’s probably all. All the basic truths of soccer betting, we have stated, the rest is yours. It remains to wish good luck and big wins!

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