Watching fights is one of the favorite activities of the male half of humanity. Excitement during fights rolls over, captures everyone, regardless of age, preferences and social status.

Well versed in the rules and conditions of warfare, you can earn money by betting on UFC fights events.

Best UFC/MMA Betting Sites List


This bookmaker has some of the best betting offers. User-friendly interface and timely updates. Bovada has one of the fastest updates. They are in demand not only in the United States, but throughout the world. The most popular sources refer to them. All UFC cards, MMA events, even not popular fights are there and good types line making your betting process comfortable. New items and latest news. The best deals and many features make this site the top among beginners and professionals.


The site looks presentable with a convenient interface. This bookmaker provides some of the best bonuses and rewards packages. UFC is one of the main areas of BetOnline. Fresh updates and hot odds. Even combat sports bettors recommend it as one of the main reliable betting resources. Get 50% promotion code up to 1000$ for your win bets.


The bookmaker is known for its parlays and in-fight wagering. They became popular thanks to their coverage of MMA fights. Quick payouts, timely updates, clean and clear presentations, useful tips. Features of the site can be listed for a long time. Xbet has many privileges for regular users. A high-quality promotional and friendly team has established itself in this area as a successful and well-knit team. The company has good reviews and reviews.


Massive bonuses and many years of trust. It’s precisely by this that they have established themselves in the UFC audience. $1000 with first deposit says a lot. Modern design, interesting news and insider information. Thanks to the quality and often successful predictions for the battles, it’s precisely these well-known bettors who use them for bets. Many other offers will not leave you indifferent.


Many with ESPN also use this resource. An incredible amount of betting options. BetNow is one of the lead of MMA main card betting. UFC and Boxing today are very popular here. Despite the improvement, the team retained the old approach to tips and managed to keep the huge audience that they had won over many years. 50% wellcome bonus and VIG free feature always pleases even the most advanced fans.

The popularity of betting on sporting events depends on the prevalence and entertainment of the competition – betting on the UFC is in demand precisely because of the incredible energy of fighting without rules. Strong, courageous fighters, each with their own training, experience, tactics, and any fight are held as a demonstration of sportsmanship. Here are genuine emotions, excitement, uncompromising struggle, the impressive capabilities of a trained human body. It’s important to predict in advance neither the course of the match, nor its result is almost impossible, because the bets on the UFC always have favorable odds.

UFC betting types

For successful bets on Ultimate Fighting Championship, you must first study the rules of the competition and understand the features of certain fighters. Statistics is also very important, therefore, special attention is paid to it. There are uncomfortable rivals, and fundamental fights – all this must be taken into account.

Sports disputes over events without rules are quite simple. Regardless of the event, its level and composition of participants, bets on UFC fights can be accepted on:

  • Victory of one of the athletes
  • Draw
  • Points gain
  • The end of the bout by knockout
  • Victory awarded due to injury to an opponent, disqualification
  • Intermediate result – after the selected round
  • Event completion time

The bookmaker includes such options in the list for both amateur and professional competitions.

How to choose UFC betting site?

Due to the huge popularity of this sport, the number of bookmakers is growing every day. Every year at the UFC makes bets on millions of dollars. It’s difficult to decide on what place to bet. Not a simple registration, many incomprehensible at first glance functions. This can scare away many newcomers. We will show the criteria’s by which you can choose a suitable and high-quality resource for bets on MMA/UFC events.

But first, which sites shouldn’t use and bets there:

  • Sites that are not indexed in the Google search engine
  • Sites offering non-licensed betting
  • Sites with a lot of pop-up ads that display suspicious information
  • Sites that do not recommend official MMA/UFC sources
  • Sites with many negative comments and suspected fraud
  • Sites with lots of fake (templated) predictions and suspicious odds

If there is at least one of these points above your chosen site, think twice before using it.

Top UFC betting sites must have:

  • Betting features to all MMA/UFC events
  • All main betting lines and types
  • Statistics and analytics for most events
  • Certificates & Licenses
  • All popular payment and withdraw methods
  • Customer Support
  • Mobile version/App
  • Reviews from popular sources


Trust and site security are very important. The resource must be certified and have several levels of data protection. In terms of use, all possible scenarios should be clearly spelled out, including risks. It’s necessary to familiarize yourself with the user agreement in detail and, in case of suspicious items, be sure to refrain from using the site.

User account protection is a priority for most popular betting sites. The movement of funds must be protected and carried out quickly and reliably. The site should work without failures and communication with the support service should be carried out efficiently.


In a fast-paced world, we need to adapt as efficiently and quickly as possible. The mobile version of the site or app must have betting options. All information there should be updated as fast as on the desktop version. All data must be correct and appropriate to the site. User-friendly design and download speed are also important.

Keep track of any fights and make bets on time. Simplicity and convenience are that what users love.


Sites with winning predictions are valued by millions of users. Many bookmakers publish predictions and make reviews on fights. Statistics, analytics and computer pick have become an integral attribute of many resources. Many experts advertise their offers and even make money on it. It’s difficult to choose successful predictions, because fights are sometimes unpredictable. Everything is in the hands of users.

Thanks to modern technology, predict the outcome of battles becomes easier. The number of successful bets is getting bigger, and due to the high odds, this sport is especially popular.