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Detailed review 5Dimes

5Dimes is known to be a credible betting website that has emerged back in 1998 (however, some of the resources mention the 2000 year as the beginning of the company existence). It might be definitely called one of the most experienced and trustworthy platforms in the betting industry of the UK market. The company is known to be one of the most generous in terms of proposed odds and wagering among other competitors. Such incredibly important features like customer support responsiveness, speed, and security of payment options and bonuses available are also on the senior level. Moreover, the website will be more than useful for newcomers as for the professional bettors with significant experience. Along with all the highlighted features, 5Dimes include online casino, live and online poker, lottery and other types of games which makes it attractive for gamblers also! 

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The Reduced Juice system at 5Dimes

The reduced juice bonus is the standard bonus that is proposed to bettors on the 5Dimes. However, if the bettors have already chosen this type of bonus they don’t have the possibility to change it. This bonus is available exactly on the day of the event. Mostly, it is proposed to newly registered players on the platform. However, it is suitable not for all sports events. In general, it covers about 50% of the betting cost expenses. It is considered as one of the most popular types of betting bonuses at 5Dimes. The principles are pretty simple, the platform takes less money that is supposed to be on average.

5Dimes Live-Betting

When it comes to in-play betting, 5Dimes has implemented this feature quite recently. Despite this fact, there are a lot of available sports markets and kinds of sports for bettors. These are the NHL, NFL, MLB, tennis and many more. Also, there are a lot of available functions like half or full-time betting, team totals along with Asian handicaps that cover most of the available sports markets worldwide. 

Considering live-betting, there are three live- betting options available at the 5Dimes. These are Ultra Live Betting, Live-In-Play Wagering, and Extra Live Betting. Despite the fact they look almost the same, they have some differences. 

Live-In-Play Wagering

It is a typical way of in-game betting. The main advantage of this platform is that you don’t risk as in the other forms of betting and keep it really straight and simple. It is an appropriate solution for those who want to play simple and don’t take too many risks or for newcomers that simply start their betting experience. 

Ultra Live Betting

This live-betting feature is a whole new level of in-play betting that is suitable for baseball, hockey, basketball, etc. 

5Dimes Sports Betting

Considering diversity, 5Dimes offers a wide range of sports selection. Whether youre a fan of classic and popular sports or looking for something more exquisite, like triathlon, sailing, and darts. In case you want to really try something extraordinary and change your typical ways of betting, you can click on the Specials button (which is available on the main website and application as well). This section will propose you to bet on various types of virtual, social, and economic events. The platform has more than 60 kinds of sports and esports included in the list. You can bet on football, horse racing, baseball, basketball, greyhound, boxing, MMA, and many more. As mentioned earlier, there is a compilation of more rare and exquisite sports like badminton, winter sports, esports, and few more. So, the advantage of the 5Dimes in terms of sportsbooks is obvious because you can find something appropriate for yourself even though youre looking for something exceptional.

5Dimes Bonus Options

When it comes to welcome offers, the sign-up bonus can be accessed really fast and simple. The welcome bonus will be immediately for you when you’ll get registered without any limits and restrictions. Considering the size of the bonus, the marketing professionals of the 5Dimes have prepared a bonus in the amount of 100% that can be up to 50USD. This is definitely a promotional bonus which means that you will receive the same amount of money additionally that you have put on a deposit. The size of the bet and deposit should be between 15 and 50 USD.

However, it is always appropriate to get acquainted with the terms and conditions section before using all types of bonuses. Mainly, what needs to be known about the welcome offer is that it can be used only once after the registration after the confirmation of the gambler’s age (which shouldn’t be less than 18 years old).

Also, let’s consider all types of bonuses available at the platform to ensure the best betting experience. Each of them was specially compiled by the team of marketing professionals to provide the highest level of betting experience and attracting as most customers as possible.

Using the special promo code will help you to raise the amount of first deposit bonus up to 100 USD which is cool. This bet can be used while making bets on every of 60,000 sports events available on a monthly basis. However, there are some special demands and requirements that every user needs to get acquainted with in order to use this bonus.

The 5Dimes also gives a wide selection of greyhound races available on the UK, US tracks and gives up to 10 USD to non-winners in case your dog is not so fast as you’ve expected it to be.

What’s more interesting, this betting website has a pretty interesting feature of receiving a cashback while making bets on horse racing. In case your favorite horse has lost in one head or less you will receive the amount of money you’ve deposited back to your account which is attractive for a wide range of bettors.

Also, the platform tries to raise the popularity of esports and virtual sports. Therefore, it proposes a possibility of non-winning payments in the amount of 10 USD Users have a wide range of selection and new games usually start almost every three minutes daily without any interruptions. Virtual promotions are also available on the website like horse racing, greyhounds, etc.

Another attractive function available on the platform is the possibility to cash out your winning and earnings that can be suitable for users in a few cases. The first one is a situation when your favorite team is winning and you want to cash out your money as soon as possible because you are afraid of things that could change. And second is when your team is already loosing and you want to receive at least half of your earnings.

Deposit and withdrawing methods at 5Dimes

Considering the variety of available payment options 5Dimes might be considered as one of the leading betting companies. In case you’re looking for deposit making, the number of deposits and time for transferring money to your account might vary according to the method you use.  If you’re looking to use your Visa, Mastercard, Credit and Debit cards, PayPal and Skrill will take about 5 USD deposits. However, if you’re going to use a Neteller or Ecopayz, the minimum deposit will be 10 USD. Bank transfers consider the same amount of deposit for 10 USD. However, the time for transferring money for your bank account will be a little bit longer and might take about 2-3 days. Another quite rare option is a personal cheque that accepts a minimum amount of 35 USD but, on the other hand. might take up to 30 days for money transfer. InstaDebit and Ukash are also available types of deposit and withdrawing methods.  

Withdrawing proposes the same amount of possible options that can vary in terms of money transfer and it’s time along with the size of money you’re going to withdraw. Visa and MasterCard are considered to be the fastest ways to withdraw your money as it won’t take longer than 1-2 days, Bank Transfer will take about 3-7 business days which is a significantly longer way. Moreover, there are no fees for money transfer, withdrawing and depositing that will be charged. It can be extremely profitable since the amount of money depositing and withdrawing can vary according to customer’s pockets. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about any of the operations held in the platform, because each of them is safe and secure, protected from any of the third-parties and frauds by the most innovative and modern ways of SSL encryption and security technologies implemented into the 5Dimes website and mobile application.

5Dimes Customer Service

Probably, there is no need to mention the importance of the customer support service. It is extremely important when it comes to treating customers right. The responsiveness and speed of the customer support team are a clear sign of the right business approach. Fortunately, 5Dimes seems to have any problems with this. The customer support team is available in a few ways like live chat which is available 24|7 with a special frame in the right corner. The phone and email seem to be more classical, however, unfortunately, less responsive and a bit outdated for most of the customers. 5DImes customer support team is built with the professionals with betting and technical background that makes them extremely credible and trustworthy. For sure, they will help users to deal with every kind of unpredictable situations, financial and technical issues, etc. Moreover, customer specialists are extremely polite and comprehensive that make contact with them more than convenient and efficient. 

So, as mentioned above, customer support service in 5Dimes can be available in three ways, traditional phone, and email support, live chat. The service is available in two languages like English and Spanish (according to the fact that 5DImes headquarter and the licensing country is Costa-Rica).

5Dimes Security

The security of the betting platform is one or, probably, the main aspect that plays a role while choosing the right platform to bet on. Fortunately, 5Dimes seems to have any problems with this because the management constantly implements various security features to create the best betting experience ever. Moreover, many users give more than positive marks and reviews about safety on the 5Dimes which is a good sign of credibility and security. All the transactions and operations held at the website are protected by the latest and most innovative 1024 Bit SSL encryption technology. This means that all the betting and financial transactions are held within the website are protected by this technology. However, there were some issues related to fraudulent activity on the website in the past. On the other hand, they seem to be gone forever according to the latest innovations successfully implemented into the platform. 

Along with the above mentioned, 5Dimes has implemented a very convenient feature of e-mail confirmation that is sent eight after the customer requested a bitcoin withdrawal. This function helps to avoid various problems with fraudulent activity and other payment issues. Also, another option that is used is a verification of the device used by the bettor. It identifies the gadget or PC you’re entering your account to prevent and avoid frauds and account hacking. To sum up the security section, 5Dimes shows the high results in the security area and protecting customers’ transactions and data. 

5Dimes Interface and Usability

The interface of the 5Dimes desktop version and mobile application seems to be pretty easy and convenient for a wide range of bettors. This a very attractive note for newcomers especially as they don’t want to spend time on getting acquainted with all the features, innovations, and technologies used on the platform, all they want is to bet on their favorite teams and sports and receive earnings. 

However, when it comes to interface, 5Dimes seems to have some problems with this as for most of the users it seems to be outdated and old-fashioned at the same time. On the other hand, the layout is clean and quite good-looking. The menu and each button are clearly structured and systematically divided into categories. The first category that can be found is Live-Betting.

On the main webpage, the very latest and current sports events are displayed. These can be Football Premier League or any possible current race. The navigation and selection of sports are very easy and comprehensive for bettors. Fortunately, they have a really wide range of sports available, from tennis to horse racing, football, baseball, boxing, and many more.

The style of the interface is clean, stylish and pretty simple. Usually, it won’t take more than a few clicks away from placing the bet on your favorite team. Also, the homepage proposes an option of live-betting that can be accessible in the blink of an eye. It is extremely important because the prices are constantly changing and the speed of the actions might cost you some money.

Dynamic Lines

It is a new function recently implemented by 5Dimes and make every monitor you bet on extremely convenient for the betting experience. It is possible to say that this feature has significantly improved the user-friendliness of the website and fixed all the bugs and mistakes in the previous mobile and desktop versions. Moreover, there is a special feature of bets selection according to various criteria. 

5Dimes Mobile application

As mentioned above, the 5Dimes mobile application can be downloaded and accessed in a blink of an eye. It can be downloaded directly to any of your gadgets like tablets, smartphones, and laptops. For sure, it’s definitely an advantage of this company that allows bettors who are always on the run enjoy this application and make bets from any place in the world. 

The application is fast, secure and convenient. The interface of the mobile application is pretty the same as the main webpage does have. The style is quite modern, the menu and buttons are structured and responsive, all the operations within the app are held fast and clear. The interface of the application will be definitely comprehensive for a wide range of customers, for those who have only started their betting experience and those who have been continuously improving it. The application can be downloaded from the App Store with just one click.

5Dimes Pros and Cons

Despite all the positive sides of the platform mentioned above, 5Dimes has definitely a lot of sides to be improved and developed. One of the negative aspects of this betting website is the absence of live streaming function on the website and mobile application as well. This is a disappointing fact for admirers of live matches, championship, and tournaments. Moreover, this option of in-play betting and live streaming doesn’t consider as innovative and exquisite because it’s a regular function for most of the betting platforms. 

Another disappointing aspect for almost every user is a slow financial transaction held on the platform. Especially, deposit making, and withdrawing for eWallets that usually known as fast methods, however, won’t be so with 5Dimes. So, the speed of these operations definitely needs to be improved. 

5Dimes Online Casino

One of the features that attract gamblers along with bettors is an online casino. It proposes a wide variety of games that can be accessed via mobile and desktop versions. The games include such items as video poker, blackjack, baccarat, table games, slot games, mini and special games.

The live section offers you a really good opportunity to enjoy the gaming process lying somewhere on the beach with a mobile phone in your hands. Live casinos can definitely give you such an opportunity. Considering the assortment of live casinos at 5Dimes, it has a huge diversity of games on different tastes. The online casino games assortment depends on the software platform and provider. Games might serve different aims like relaxation or earning money. Some of the newcomers while visiting the online casino at first even can’t stop their attention on something one. Surely, players need to choose something which is suitable for their needs and expectations.

Mostly, 5Dimes live casinos offer such types of games like:

  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Poker
  • Live Keno
  • Live Baccarat
  • Two Aces
  • Live Roulette and a few more

These games might be available in different variations as well as Poker might be European\French\American and Live. This game is extremely popular in various countries. In order to start the game, it is indisputably important to be prepared for different schemes, tactics, and strategy as well. Without this game is unimaginable. During the player session, you will definitely find out what’s best for you and works for you successfully.

Video poker is also related to this type of game where attention is key to success. If you’re looking for real money to win, you’ll definitely need to pay attention to the moves of your opponent. By the way, this advice is related to one of the most famous, highly-paid and successful poker players in the world. This type of game will make you feel like a professional poker player. Moreover, it will give you a feeling of a real presence in a poker tournament. For sure, it is pretty entertaining.

Live BlackJack is also one of the games that are played more often than others. Strategy plays one of the important roles as well. Hopefully, there is an unlimited amount of them that can be found on the internet or other resources as well.

Online slot machines can bring you back to the golden era of Las Vegas casinos. Surely, this will depend on a game you will choose. They can differ according to the themes. These games can be fulfilled with an interesting and entertaining plot, wonderful graphic (even 3D) and quality sound.