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Paddy Power Review

Paddy Power Brief History Overview

So, let’s start with Irish betting giant history. Paddy Power is considered being the largest gaming company on the Irish market and the sixth among the UK competitors. Along with classical betting options, Paddy Power platform includes online casinos, gambling section, live betting, online slots and many more. Moreover, the company is represented on more than 350 gambling online and offline points which makes it a significant market player. A wide range of proposed options, features, reliable customer support, and secure payment operations make Paddy Power a significant leader in the European Union betting market. 

Paddy Power has emerged back in 1988 when David Power. Stewart Canny and John Corcoran cooperated and combined their forces to create the betting platform we’re writing about. This betting result of a successful combination of 40 physical gambling and betting points. This betting website has a lot of features that distinguish the brand from other competitors and make it stand from the crowd. The first one is a wonderful customer-centric approach that values the customers and makes them feel valuable and treated exceptionally. From the beginning, the company owners declared that they didn’t want the customers as other betting companies did on average. They created an exceptional and inviting atmosphere by proposing various promotions and convenient features with profitability to make every customer return and stay with them. They created a wonderful customer support team that is ready to answer any of the current questions and solve any issue related to financial and technical questions of the platform. Moreover, they implemented a really entertaining atmosphere that makes even a newcomer a constant user and left millions of satisfied customers all over the globe. These relations with bettors have made Paddy extremely popular. Along with that this betting player really values the Irish roots that make it popular among locals.

Pros and cons of using Paddy Power

Despite the wide range of this betting website advantages, there are some slight inconveniences related to the fact that the platform is full of annoying advertising banners that irritate most part if the customers. Along with that, Paddy ower is mainly focused on the UK market that makes it inconvenient for bettors in other countries worldwide.

As for positive aspects, the website is extremely convenient for newcomers and professionals with significant betting experience as well. The interface is very user-friendly and includes a wide spectrum of options and betting events globally. The visual part is also on the senior level and includes a high level of graphics that are clearly uploaded. However, many bettors consider an interface a bit outdated that can be improved by developers. 

The platform has a usable and convenient mobile application that can be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play. Therefore, your odds can be reached instantly from your pocket at any time and any place. It has the same features proposed on the desktop version and even more. 

Paddy Power proposes an affiliate program that can be reached through the special link and helps to promote the platform. The customer support is fast and reliable and can be reached through various sources like live chat and classical e-mail and phone. 

Paddy Power Offers

When it comes to offers, Paddy Power has a lot to propose for their customers and might be called generous at this point. The website has a reputation of credible and reputable players in the betting industry of the UK and other global markets. Therefore, large amounts of money and huge budgets are spent on various promotional campaigns and promo campaigns to raise the popularity of a company. Along with that, the company issues various bonuses and promotions to raise the credibility of existing customers and attract new ones. Apart from registration bonuses, risk-free deposits, free spins and other classic types of bonuses, Paddy Power has a significant amount of games and features to create an interest among the audience. As for additional services, the website offers an unforgettable experience for gamblers proposing a whole diversity of online games, classic slots, online poker, bingo, lotto and many more. 

However, before using any of the bonuses it is extremely important to get acquainted with all the aspects and important information listed in the company website and bonuses description. 

Paddy Power Sportsbook Review

Being one of the biggest betting players, Paddy Power has a wide range of sports and sports markets covered. It includes all popular items like football, Rugby, American Football, Tennis, Basketball, Boxing, Horse Racing, Cricket, baseball and many more. The users have an opportunity to use various options, innovations, and bonuses to make their betting experience extremely profitable, convenient, and memorable. Bettors can make their odds with an in-live betting option and making pre-match odds on matches, events, championships, tournaments and even conferences.

Paddy Power Odds

The website always contains announcements for different promotions and odds almost every day which is wonderful for all kinds of bettors. The process of making odds is convenient and profitable for a wide range of sportsbooks and sports markets. Moreover, Paddy has a lot of bonuses, promotions and other convenient functions for bettors. One of them is called Best Odds Guarantee and can be applied to various kinds of sports. Mostly, it is used for fans of greyhounds and horse racing that helps to attract new customers and strengthen the base of regular ones. Another option has the name of Cash in my Bet. This function is widely applied in boxing, tennis, basketball, etc. With the help of Cash in My Bet, you can make odds on future matches before it actually starts or uses the In-Play Betting function. 

What’s more important, the chances of winning in these two betting options are pretty high and propose better chances than other betting market competitors do. 

Paddy Power Online Casino

Despite the fact that Paddy Power is a platform specialized mainly in betting services, it includes a lot of additional services that might create an unforgettable user experience. Moreover, the betting process might be incredibly entertaining and what’s more, profitable. One of these services is an online casino proposed on the website. It will be a wonderful solution for those who want to try something new and create joy while playing a wide range of online slots, table games, poker games, live poker sessions, and many more.

Online casino is built-in and can propose bettors and gamblers as a well wide list of possible online casino games, classic slots, poker games, etc. Many regular customers and newcomers as well call the Paddy Power online casino pretty good and one of the most reliable in the betting industry providers. However, online casino implemented in the Paddy can’t be fully compared to specialized gambling websites. On the other hand, the services related to online casinos are pretty the same as in full-stack gambling providers. It includes the same customer support, payment services, a variety of online games and other key aspects. 

Despite the wide range of online slots, poker games, baccarat, and other games for gambling admirers, the range of proposed games can’t be fully compared to other competitors and considered by many gamblers as a limited one. The software implemented into the online casino was developed with one of the leaders in the gambling software industry Playtech company which is a good sign of credibility and professionalism. 

Paddy Power Bingo

Bingo might also be considered as one of those exceptional and entertaining features to create an unforgettable and joyful betting experience. If you’ve been constantly looking for something bright and memorable for your betting process, the Bingo is definitely something you should try immediately. The Bingo section is developed by Playtech Software Gaming company that makes us believe in its credibility, trustworthiness, and senior level of graphics.

Paddy Power includes various games for bingo admirers like Dodgems, Rollercoaster, and Cash Cubes. To sum up, bingo implemented in Paddy Power will be a wonderful solution for newcomers and those who have just opened this betting website. However, for experienced bingo players, the diversity of games and bonuses along with promotions might not be enough.

Paddy Power Poker

Continuing the topic of additional options and features, let’s consider the poker section. Poker might be called a new direction in the development of the company. Online poker is one of the additional options and was opened back in 2005. The first impression while opening the website might be described as a fresh breath on a market of similar competitors. An interface is pretty convenient and user-friendly which makes it suitable for professionals and newcomers as well. 

Poker section contains two variations of games like Hold’em and Omaha. The games propose different championships and tournaments that are held weekly. The range of tournament prizes varies from 0 to 100 Euros. The minimum stakes are 0,01 or 0,02 Euros while the highest ones are 5 and 10 Euros.   The online games are pretty convenient and attractive for multiple players. While playing a tournament, the number of players involved might be the 6 person max. 

Moreover, Paddy Power Poker might be available via a mobile application that can be downloaded through the App Store or Google Play. This is incredibly convenient for those who are always on the run. Along with that, Paddy proposes a wide range of bonuses and promotions that make the poker gaming experience extremely affordable and joyful. One such bonus is a bonus for newcomers that is the perfect choice to try the software without any expenses. Also, there is a specialized VIP program that is wonderful for those who have wide pockets and ready to share the large sums of money. 

Paddy Power Live Betting

What can be more entertaining than enjoying your favorite matches and making odds at the same time? In-live betting will give you such an opportunity. The process of in-play betting is as simple as it sounds. There is a special menu where you can select the list of possible championships and tournaments with live streaming and select the appropriate one. You can see all current events and choose what sports market fits you the best. You’ll have the possibility of watching your game and making bets at the same time which is very convenient. 

The live-betting experience can be extremely entertaining and joyful for all kinds of bettors. The live-streaming opportunities at Paddy Power cover a really wide range of popular kinds of sports worldwide which is definitely a plus.  The convenience of live streaming is that you can do things simultaneously. The number of sports includes football, tennis, boxing, basketball and other popular ones. 

Paddy Power Welcome Bonus

This betting website has a high level of customer approach that is obvious and can be seen in various aspects like customer support, and respect shown towards new and regular customers. Paddy Power might be called really generous according to the number of welcome bonuses that are offered to new and regular users of the platform. As mentioned earlier, Paddy has a wide range of bonuses daily and something more specific that is used for some occasions, tournaments, championships and many more. Large sums of money and huge budgets are spent on Paddy Power promotion and marketing on various resources. The tactics of high welcome bonuses are one of the instruments that help to significantly widen the customer base and attract the new ones. 

When getting acquainted with the bonus details, be careful and don’t miss out on something special. As for the welcome bonus, it equals only 20 pounds for being registered or download the application. Also, there is a possibility of a refund in case of unsuccessful bets on various sports markets in the amount of those 20 pounds. 

Paddy Power Website

When it comes to usability, Paddy Power is highly ranked among its customers and new users. The design is very convenient and comprehensive. Moreover, it’s attractive in terms of aesthetics and functionality. The same description might be applicable to the mobile application that includes various features and options to make the betting experience the best as only it could be. 

We all know that the desktop version and website might be called the most visible part of the company that’s why having a convenient and user-friendly website is so important. Paddy Power shows a good tendency in a sincere customer-centric approach and carrying about their customers as well. However, the website of a company is visually attractive and has all sections subdivided systematically so it can be comprehensive for an experienced bettor and the beginner at the same time.

To sum up the information about the betting platform website, Paddy has a significant amount of sportsbooks and sports markets that are available to bet on. The website can be reached literally from your pocket at any desirable time and place so the mobility of the platform really amazes. 

Paddy Power Mobile App

So, as mentioned earlier, Paddy has a senior level of customer-centric approach that is shown almost in every feature of the platform. The mobile application is one of them. The mobile version of the betting website is extremely user-friendly and convenient that makes it usable for all kinds of customers and users. The plus is that it can be reached at any time at any moment literally from your pocket. 

The interface is pretty intuitive and comprehensive for those who wave used similar applications many times and those who didn’t. The same features like reliable customer support, secure payment operations, a wide range of sportsbooks and additional features like online casino, online poker, bingo are also available in the mobile version. The menu is really easy that makes it convenient to navigate and search for appropriate sections, push buttons. The customer support is always ready to answer all of your questions and issues. 

The mobile applications give the user a chance to bet on various betting activities, tournaments, championships, matches in a blink of an eye. All of the events are segmented clearly according to kinds of sports, championships, dates and other aspects. 

Paddy Power License

This betting company is considered as one of the giants in the betting industry of the UK and other countries like Ireland and the EU. However, according to the fact that the company is mainly focused on the UK market, it might have some limitations and lack of functions proposed for other markets like the US and Asia. 

The license of the company is managed by the Malta Gaming Authority. However, for the bettors from the UK, the licensor is the UK Gambling Commission. These regulations allow Paddy Power to operate on various international markets and propose its services on the gambling market as well. Mostly, Paddie’s online casino is allowed to play in different countries like New Zealand, Ireland, Malta, Channel Islands and a few more. However, some restrictions might exist as the online casino is restricted in various countries. according to the inner legislation and laws that prohibit gambling within the country.

The software of the betting company is issued, certified and checked by eCogra which is considered as one of the leaders in the market. Moreover, the gaming and betting software is constantly checked in a matter of possible inconveniences for users, non-payments, illegal and insecure financial operations. Playtech provider also uses the highest demands in terms of quality and customer service. Technical Systems Testing has certified and tested all the aspects of the website which makes it even more credible. 

All your personal and financial details also will be in safety according to the fact that it’s encrypted using the latest technologies in the security industry and SSL technologies. 

Paddy Power Deposits and Withdrawing

As a leader and one of the biggest players on the market of the online betting industry, Paddy has a wide range of usable and available financial options to ensure the highest level of financial security and credibility for customers. Both regular and new ones. For sure, this significantly raises the reputation of the company and strengthen its position. The range of available payment options is really diversified and includes a wide range of options like Visa, MasterCard, Diners, Visa electron, Visa debit, Maestro, Entropay, PayPal, Skrill, NETELLER, Webmoney, Fast Bank Transfer, Trustly, Trustpay, UseMyServices, Paysafecard, Astropay, Bank transfer, Western Union, cash out. Each of these methods has some pros and cons. Some of them might be slightly faster or slower, some have a higher level of security and trustworthiness, some will make you wait for two business days or even more while some will transfer money to your bank account or vice versa in a blink of an eye. Typically, the most usable ways to deposit or withdraw your money is a credit or debit card. The deposit and withdrawing functions might be available with a desktop version or mobile application. There, you can select the deposit or withdrawing function, choose the amount of money you want to deposit or withdraw and press the appropriate button. That’s it!

Paddy Power Customer Support

There can be no hesitations that customer support is one of the main aspects of the company and any kind of online and offline businesses. The efficiency of customer support might be clearly seen in various unpredictable situations and other conflicts. Therefore, Paddy Power has done its best to create a team of professionals with a background in technical and betting aspects and, what’s more important, exceptional conflict solving skills.

The customer support is really fast and reliable which is proven by many user reviews and customer experience worldwide. The customer support can be reached through classic sources like phone, e-mail, and live chat. On the other hand, the chat is considered as the fastest and the most reliable because in some cases responses might be long and take too much time. 

Moreover, when it comes to professionalism and credibility of a customer support team it is important to mention that Paddy has a specialized Escalation Management Team that is responsible for checking all the conflict situations and making sure they all successfully solved and finished. Also, like other competitors, Paddy has a very convenient FAQ section where any user can find credible and detailed answers to their questions.