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Totesport (formerly Horserace Totalizator Board) is a British betting company, founded by the government of the United Kingdom in 1928. In 2011, it was sold to Betford betting company. And in 2019 – transferred to the ownership of Tote Group. Until 2018, she was the only one who had the right to conduct pool betting at the races.

Totesport history

Betting company Totesport is one of the oldest bookmakers in the world, because its history dates back to 1928. It was in those distant times in the UK that the first points for accepting Totesport bets began to appear, which then specialized exclusively in horse racing. Over the course of time, the bookmaker evolved and increased its achievements, therefore, despite the change of centuries, it remains true to its traditions in our time, focusing on horse sports in its line. In addition, despite the advent of the Internet era and, accordingly, the rapid development of online bets, it continues to develop its ground units, which today still have a large number in the UK.

In 2011, Totesport was acquired by the larger gaming corporation Betfred, which allowed it to eventually reach a higher level of betting services. As a result, the Totesport betting company resource is already a full-fledged gaming portal, providing its customers with not only a sports bookmaker with a wide selection of bets in many sports and competitions, but also allows you to try your luck on the sweepstakes. In addition, sections of poker, casinos and various online games featured on its website are popular with a certain circle of players. Over the many years of work, Totesport has managed to gain not only popularity, but also the respect of players. And today, following modern fashion trends, company pays great attention in her work to online clients, providing various services around the world via the Internet.

Totesport sportsbook

Despite the generally large list of competitions, the number one sport in the Totesport line is horse racing. And this is not surprising, since this bookmaker is rightfully considered one of the leaders in accepting bets on these competitions. Moreover, their geography covers almost all the largest hippodromes in Great Britain and Ireland, therefore, for players specializing in the oldest bookmaking discipline, Totesport should be in the first line in terms of choosing.

But despite the clear emphasis in favor of horse racing, other sports are also quite well represented in the Totesport line. And considering that no one modern bookmaker avoids football, which is the most popular gaming discipline both among ordinary spectators and among players in particular, Totesport did not want to become an exception in this regard either, therefore it offers users a large number of bets on this sports type. In addition, many other sports are well represented in Totesport line, as well as various political events, lotteries and television shows.

Totesport difference of bets

The difference of the Totesport line for many sports is as close as possible to a completely standard model. So, in most disciplines, offers are based on outcomes and bets on the difference or the number of points/goals scored, and the most generous choice of such markets traditionally accompanies football matches. In addition, like the best representatives of the bookmaking industry, Totesport actively uses Asian types of bets in  the most popular sports. Another positive point is the availability of proposals for individual performances of individual players.

And for sports such as basketball and hockey in the Totesport line, a good selection of general and individual totals is often characteristic, so the bettors here have a good opportunity to choose the options that suit them most. Tennis markets in the line of the bookmaker in question, in addition to the main outcomes, are also devoted to betting on handicaps, totals and the exact score. In addition, here you can sometimes find offers for individual sets and games, though there are often not many options for such offers. Most often, they contain only one basic total, which is selected depending on the class of players, coverage, where the competition takes place, and other factors.

Live Betting

The “Live” section is one of the main on the Totesport BC resource. It has the name “In Play” here, and access to it is through the top menu of the site or through the main page of the sports betting category, where the matches are always displayed in the central part. This section consists of several tabs, the main one of which is devoted to the markets for matches that have already begun, and the rest contain matches that will soon be available for live betting and will begin, respectively, after 10 minutes, 3 hours and later.

It should be noted that the lack of a discipline filter is not very convenient for users here, so on days, that are packed with sports events, the search for fights of interest can become much more complicated. But at the entrance to the page of each match individually, users are offered a short list of statistics, where it is sometimes possible to determine the nature of the meeting. The number of offers in the Totesport Live mode is often inferior to pre-game offers, but this is not a serious minus, as it is typical for many bookmakers.


Odds of the Totesport bookmaker can, depending on the priorities of the players, be displayed in the decimal format, in the traditional for the British fractional form, as well as in the American format. Moreover, their value here is relatively good, since the margin of an office fluctuates on average around 5% and sometimes it can only increase to 8% for some events.

Therefore, a decent combination of odds equal to 1.9/1.9 to markets, implying equally expected two opposite outcomes, often accompanies not only popular North American disciplines, but also European football. For secondary sports, however, the corresponding coefficients can sometimes drop to 1.85/1.85. But this is generally not critical, as is characteristic of many other bookmakers.

Web-site usefulness

Totesport website is difficult to be called the strong point. Indeed, if the design does not deserve reproach, and the division into categories is convenient, then the process of finding markets, especially for football matches, is sometimes very difficult due to the large number of outcomes. So, all types of bets for each match are listed here one after another and are not compact enough, which greatly complicates the navigation on the site and can increase the time for betting. In terms of pluses, it is worth noting the presence of radio broadcasts for various sports, but with an emphasis more on horse racing. This feature is undoubtedly able to help players present a much more complete picture of the event than dry statistics.

Totesport also pays a lot of attention to adapting its resource to various devices. So, in addition to the standard practice for many bookmakers to create a mobile version of the site, this bookmaker does not forget about users using devices based on Android OS, therefore, Totesport’s website has a free and high-quality application that allows players to save Internet traffic and facilitate navigation. True, the mobile versions of the Totesport BC website have traditionally turned out to be stripped down, but this affects more secondary entertainment sections such as poker and casinos. Moreover, the sports betting category is presented as detailed as possible.

Totesport pros and cons


  • Well-known British bookmaker with many years of experience;
  • Wide line on many events;
  • Decent odds;
  • One of the leaders in horse racing betting;
  • Provides a full range of gaming services.


  • Not the most convenient site in terms of organizing the interface;
  • Limit maximums to successful players;
  • Registration is prohibited for citizens of some countries;
  • A limited list of payment/withdrawal methods.