The British are an exceptional nation when it comes to betting on sporting events. Not surprisingly, there are a number of good bookmakers from the island who can cause a stir in the rest of Europe.

10bet is one of the most interesting names here. 10Bet is a provider that has a lot to offer its customers. There is a wide range of sports betting. A great many sports and even e-sports are covered. But also additional offers such as an online casino with live offer is part of the scope of services of this provider. 10Bet is operated by Ocean Star Limited, the company is based in Malta. To the Portfolio of the bookmaker also a 10Bet Bet bonus belongs, which comes there in the form of a first deposit bonus. For new customers, this first deposit bonus is revalued by 50 percent. The player can thus receive a maximum of 100 euros in additional betting credit. The 10Bet bonus works with a bonus code. In the following lines you will find more information about the bonus.


Although there are many lucrative offers to be found in our betting bonus comparison, the 10bet betting bonus with its proud bonus amount of 50 Euro can cause a real murmur in the audience. The bonus is given to new customers in the form of a deposit bonus, which can be activated by making a qualifying deposit into their betting account. A 10bet bonus without a deposit is not available at the moment, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem considering the impressive bonus amount.

During the deposit process, exactly 100 percent of the deposit amount will be utilized, so that the sum of the deposit can be collected again as an additional bonus. A nice thing about this is that during the first deposit into the account you only need to enter the 10bet bonus code PLAY10 in the space provided.


  • 100% Bonus on your first deposit at 10bet
  • Up to 50 Euro bonus amount are possible
  • Minimum deposit is 15 Euro
  • Total bonus amount can be paid out


  • Open a free betting account with 10bet
  • Make a deposit of at least 15 euros
  • 10bet bonus code PLAY10 must be entered
  • Deposit then automatically activates the bonus


Without a doubt, the 10bet bonus for new customers can give the provider one or the other plus point in our betting provider comparison. The bonus amount of this offer is a strong 50 Euro for customers from European countries, which can be secured with an own qualifying deposit. A very positive feature is that the bonus is not only available for one or the other bet, but can be paid out in full after fulfilling the 10bet bonus conditions. There is also a 10bet cash out feature which allows for early withdrawal.

Nevertheless, at the moment it is not quite enough to be awarded as the best betting bonus, as the settlement of “only” 100 percent of the deposit sum is not yet quite optimal. Tippers must also note that various types of bets (various handicaps, draw-no-bet, forecast/tricast, over/under bets, invalid/cancelled/draw bets, bets where a cash-out has been made or bets placed with a free bet) are excluded from the bonus program. To redeem the bonus for 10bet you must place single bets with a minimum odds of 1.8 and combined bets with odds of 1.40 or higher. Deposit and bonus must be played through five times. The required minimum deposit amount is again 15 Euro, which can be considered very fair. For example, if 15 Euros are deposited, a bonus amount of 15 Euros will be activated. For the maximum betting bonus, a deposit of 50 euros or more would therefore have to be made.


  • Name: 50 Euro deposit bonus for new customers
  • Bonus type: 10bet deposit bonus
  • maximum bonus amount: 50 Euro
  • payable: yes
  • turnover requirement: 5x deposit & bonus
  • Minimum ratio: 1.8 (combinations: 1.40)
  • 10bet bonus code: PLAY10

The question: “What are the 10bet bonus conditions?” should be a burning issue for many players, after all, it is exactly these bonus conditions that “brand” a bonus as really promising. A qualifying deposit of at least 15 Euro is required for the 10bet bonus. Of course, only the first deposit on the betting account will be deducted, as the offer is reserved exclusively for new customers. During this deposit the 10bet bonus code PLAY10 must be entered. This step is very important, because only then the deposit bonus is actually activated. Then 100 percent of the deposit amount will be deducted, which exactly determines the amount of the respective bonus. So deposit 50 Euros and get 50 Euros extra for free!

Before the sum is actually available for payout, the entire deposit and the bonus amount must be wagered at least five times at a rate of 1.80 (for single bets) or higher. If this is successful, the capital from the betting bonus can be used as desired. It is also possible to wager the 10bet bonus via combinations. In this case it is only necessary to note that the selections may not fall below the minimum odds of 1.40. In order to fully meet these requirements, all customers have a period of 30 days available.

In general, the requirements should not be a big problem, as one month is a comfortable period. However, if things do get tight, the 10bet app is recommended as a supplement. The mobile phone bets are also fully evaluated for the fulfillment of the bonus requirements, so that a few qualifying tips can be placed while on the go.


As already mentioned at the beginning, the 10bet bonus can score points mainly because the entire bonus amount can be paid out after fulfilling the turnover conditions. Before this can happen, however, these turnover conditions must first be mastered. And this is where it often hitches, which is why we would like to give you a few useful tips and tricks.

In addition to this, our sports betting strategies and betting tips are also interesting, where you can get odds suggestions for individual games, and interesting approaches to strategies.

In the conditions for the 10bet bonus there are no unfair or even unreasonable conditions for the bettors. This means that every bettor should normally have no problem meeting the wagering requirements. However, in order to increase these chances of success a little more, the following steps should be observed.

  • Do not risk everything at once
  • Odds fit for favourite bets
  • Avoid combined bets at best
  • Increase risk at the end of the bonus period

Especially the somewhat inexperienced customers tend to place too high stakes in a bookmaker during their start-up phase. The possible chances of winning are tempting and so they like to place a little bit more than would have been necessary. This is exactly what should be avoided in connection with the 10bet bonus. Instead, it is advisable to act with a low stake at first and then gradually increase it. This way, no customer runs the risk of losing his full credit balance with just one single placed bet.

At the same time, of course, it is essential to keep an eye on the required minimum quota of 1.80. This is pleasantly low and is therefore ideal for safe bets on the favourites. In our odds comparison, numerous betting odds can be displayed within seconds, so that the right tips can be found with a guarantee. Precisely because we work with such low odds, combination bets should also be avoided. The risk of loss is much higher than with single bets and therefore not recommended in connection with the new customer bonus.

However, should it become apparent that the bonus sum can be activated without any problems, the risk can be increased. In the best case, this brings a nice profit, which can be collected in addition to the released bonus amount.


In principle, the bookmaker has certainly earned praise for activating his bonus. The 10bet voucher code for 2020 can be called up very conveniently in the immediate vicinity of the offer and can then be easily transferred to the field provided. However, there can always be a few small errors during activation and unlocking, which hopefully can be avoided after studying the following mistakes.

Payment methods excluded: Two payment methods are not suitable for the implementation of the 10bet bonus. These are the e-wallets Skrill and Neteller. These methods should therefore not be used for the first deposit. We recommend the credit cards, the Paysafecard or even the bank transfer. New customers do not need to worry about the seriousness. We have already spent several hours with 10bet and always felt safe and secure. Just to get the first deposit bonus, Skrill and Neteller are not necessary.

Some bets were excluded: For the fulfillment of the bonus conditions the betting provider sets a low minimum odds of 1.80. This is extremely low and allows many betting options. However, the bettors have to take into account that not all betting options actually participate in this bookie promotion. Excluded are all types of handicap bets, over/under bets, void/cancelled/draw bets, bets where a cash-out has been made or bets placed with a free bet. Although these bets can of course be placed, they do not contribute to the fulfilment of the requirements and are therefore virtually free.

Note the stake: In order to unlock the bonus amount, the total sum of deposit and bonus must be wagered a total of five times. However, the betting provider has imposed a few restrictions so that customers do not always bet everything on one card. For example, only a maximum of 100 percent of the bonus amount may be wagered at any one time. In other words: with a bonus amount of EUR 50, a maximum bet of EUR 50 should be mastered for the fulfilment of the turnover conditions. This point is quickly overlooked, but is a very important part of the bonus conditions.


The general impression of the 10bet bonus can without doubt be described as good. The betting provider offers its customers an enormously high amount of up to 50 Euro and ties this to relatively fair conditions. A little pity here is the fact that the customer’s deposit is only valued at 100 percent and so in case of doubt a slightly higher deposit must be made. On the other hand, it is nice to know that the 10bet bonus code PLAY10 can be found near the offer.

Real problems do not wait for the tippers, even if the bonus conditions should be strictly observed. The small hurdles make the way to the payout a little more complicated, but the bottom line is that it can still be mastered. So even those who have perhaps not yet had as much experience with bookmakers or their bonus offers can be happy about the offer.


If you want to secure the bookmaker’s new customer bonus, you must of course first open your own account. This step is completed in a few minutes, as all the necessary details are simply entered directly on the 10bet website. Immediately afterwards, the second step is the 10bet login, which can now be done with your own username and password.

In your own player account the way leads to the cashier area for deposits, where different payment methods are available. It is recommended to use an electronic option here, as the amount can be found on the betting account within a few moments. An amount of only 15 euros is sufficient, whereby a larger deposit also means a higher bonus. If, for example, 50 Euros are transferred to the betting account, a bonus of 50 Euros will be added.

It is not necessary to enter the bonus code PLAY10 with the first deposit on the portal. After this the offer is active and can be used. Afterwards the bonus of up to 50 Euro will be automatically transferred to the account. In order to be able to withdraw this amount, a fivefold turnover of deposit and bonus is required. This means that with a 50 Euro deposit and 50 Euro bonus, 250 Euro turnover for the deposit and 250 Euro turnover for the bonus must be mastered. If this is successfully completed within 30 days, the bonus amount can be paid out. The large payment portfolio is available for this purpose, with which the 10bet deposit and payout can be done easily.


10bet was founded back in 2003 and has a wealth of experience in the market today. This is also reflected in the portfolio, as customers can choose between sports betting and their own 10bet Casino. There are many different slot machines to choose from, including modern video slots and classic reel machines. In addition, the casino also offers table games such as roulette and blackjack. There is also a live dealer area where the table games can be played in an even more intense casino atmosphere.

Despite this appealing selection, the provider’s focus remains on sports betting, which is all licensed and regulated by the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority. Tippers can choose from around 30 different sports, including football, tennis, surfing, speedway, futsal, golf and floorball. The mobile app already mentioned rounds off the offer and enables easy access even when on the move. Another plus point is that 10bet can secure itself an additional offer of promotions and features. Not only the popular cash-out function is offered here, but also a combination bonus and regular further promotions.