Betting USA

History and Laws

The sphere of online betting in the USA is one of the most interesting and discussed in the global gambling market. Ban on sports betting in the states of America.

The Law on the Protection of Professional and Amateur Sports (PASPA) was originally adopted in 1992. According to the law, betting was officially allowed only in 4 regions of America: Nevada, partly in Oregon, Delaware and Montana. A multi-year ban on sports betting turned out to be a rapid market crash for America, a lack of state revenues from betting, an increase in the number of illegal bets and fraudulent gambling operations.

Players had to bet on all countries of the world. According to the American Gaming Association (AGA), the amount of illegal sports bets in the US is more than $150 billion a year.

The state of New Jersey began an active struggle to lift the ban on betting. Since 2011, Senator Raymond in the Forest Republic often raises the issue of legalizing sports betting in the United States. In 2014, local authorities accepted bets at racetracks and casinos. New York, Connecticut, PA, West Virginia and Mississippi.

Of course, the online betting market in the USA can’t yet be as open as, for example, the European one. But the court ruling on the legalization of online betting in America is an important step towards the development of the industry. The history of sports betting in Europe shows great successes associated with the competent regulation of the industry by the authorities. It also shows how America needs to establish a gambling infrastructure so that it works for the benefit of all interested parties: players, operators and the state.

Features of the American bookmakers line

Almost all bookmakers focused on audiences from the USA and Latin America have a common feature – a strong bias towards sports that are popular in the States. In the pre-match lines of these BCs, baseball, American football, basketball and hockey are best covered. Many offices pay great attention to horse racing.

Another characteristic feature of American offices is poor painting. One can not even dream of several hundred markets – as in European BCs. The list of events almost always has a basic look. And some bookmakers offer a bet only on the main outcomes, and even in popular games among Americans.

Another unusual nuance is the frankly poor Live section. Apparently, US residents prefer to bet only in prematch. Otherwise, there is no way to explain the complete absence of events in the Live line at a certain time of the day. And those matches that still get into live, have a minimal list.

As for the odds, in this aspect, American bookmakers are not able to compete with European offices. With rare exceptions, the margin on the outcome of events averages from 6%.

Advantages and disadvantages of American bookmakers


  • High-quality coverage of American sports
  • Generous bonus policy
  • A wide selection of gambling
  • Quick payouts


  • Weak pre match and live
  • Average odds
  • Basic event list

American Betting Odds

An American odds of + 150 means that if you bet 100 dollars with a correct bet, a net profit of 150 dollars will be due. In total, the successful sports tipper in this example receives an amount of $250 from the bookmaker as a gross profit for a bet of $100 if the betting event is correctly predicted.

The conversion to the decimal quota system common in continental Europe is very easy. The gross profit is divided by the bet. In our example, this means that 250 must be divided by 100. This corresponds to a converted decimal rate of 2.5.

Betting Online

Naturally, no agency can set boundaries for the Internet. The Internet provoked an unprecedented increase in online rates, the Americans yearned for the game immediately began to look for ways to foreign offices that provide online services.

But still, the Americans themselves are organizing bets. It’s impossible in the states – you can open an office somewhere in Bermuda. The main thing is to get a license, which is no guarantee that the bookmaker will not deceive. For the US government, the main problem that online betting poses is the outflow of colossal amounts abroad and the fact that respectable Yankees are completely breaking the law.

Some important criteria by which Americans choose betting sites:

  • Straightforward audits of the most famous wagering sites
  • Free Bets and Betting Offers 
  • Uncommon occasion related betting promotion
  • Best betting tips
  • Betting school
  • Top games betting techniques
  • Guide
  • Best odds


There are numerous individuals who take up sports betting simply to make benefits – and there are a few people who make an accomplishment of it. It’s normal for experienced bettors to have some accomplishment at sports wagering. Others, notwithstanding, simply attempt to make a touch of pocket cash. 

The Best Betting USA sites list

  • Bovada
  • Intertops
  • 5Dimes
  • Bookmaker
  • BetOnline
  • SportsBetting
  • MyBookies

How to select the Best Betting Site

We determine the best sites by the following criteria:

  • Competitive lines
  • Market experience
  • Certificates & Licenses
  • Deposit & withdrawal methods
  • Safety & security
  • Website and app quality

User Experience

Sites that are in great demand and have more confidence attract new users. As the user experience shows, it is necessary to keep up to date and also offer a modern design, user-friendly interface and a variety of features.

High rates and positive reviews, constant bonuses and interesting news. This is what professional bettors need. There are a lot of online betting enthusiasts in the USA and many sites want to get them. You must constantly keep a high mark so that your resource be in the top.

Variety of bets

The best betting websites offer a wide range of sports betting in various groups. Assessing these stages, we carefully understand the choice of sports and activities with a goal that you can see right from the spot, if a particular site is designed specifically for you.

We monitoring all popular resources. Regardless of the game, we must be in the know and be able to place bets during the game. So we need to see betting sites that get this and offer a good assortment of bets and lines.

New betting sites additionally offer eSports bets, which quickly gained popularity among players. Betting on Esports is currently the main industry, and we need to see sites offering this administration next to regular games. 

The most popular types of bets:

  • Moneyline
  • Spread betting
  • Over/under
  • Parlay
  • Outright
  • Progressive parlay
  • Full cover bets

Software Quality and Support

The reliability of the resource and its uniqueness depends on the software that uses the bookmaker. The better and more detailed site is more convenient it to use. Many top bookmakers are famous for their software and always update it.

24/7 Customer support you will not surprise anyone. It’s important to get quality and quick answer. The solution of important issues and assistance in maintenance should be at the highest level.

Bonuses and Promotion

Bonuses are one of the business cards of almost all bookmakers. Attracting customers betting sites try to stand out and provide the best bonuses on the network. Bonuses for new users and for those who make deposits, bonuses for leagues and additional offers.

But bonuses are not always the main indicator of the success of a bookmaker. Many sites provide free betting on games, thus attracting newcomers and stimulating professional players.

All kinds of promotions are of interest and provide an opportunity to be implemented in a specific topic. Promotional codes and special offers support the excitement. The best bookmakers always know how to please their users.


This is one of the most important criteria when choosing a bookmaker. Not always high coefficients mean that this is the best site. More important is their frequency of updates and variations.

The best betting sites offer huge enough max payouts with the goal that punters aren’t throttled while putting down a definite bet.

Payment & Withdrawal

Payment and withdrawal methods are also important. The more opportunities for moving funds, the more popular the bookmaker. Everything is simple. Players do not want to adapt to a specific payment method. They want to use their favorite. A good betting site always provides a high range of payment and withdrawal methods.

From plastic cards to online wallets, from cryptocurrency to cash. All popular methods should be indicated. But it is also important the percentage of commissions, as well as the conditions of replenishment and withdrawal. In this understanding, bookmakers try to diverge always being closer to users, but not many of them can boast of a high level of service.