The Philadelphia Phillies come back home after a tough weekend against the San Francisco Giants on the west coast. The Phillies lost three of four games, including a loss on Sunday Night Baseball. Bryce Harper had pleasure telling fans to be silent after a clutch home run in their lone win, but three of the four losses would be not anything to get excited about. And that’s been the problem with Bryce this season, he might show up and knock out a clutch hit once a month.
That is not enough for a guy getting his pay. We’re entering clutch season, so hopefully for the Phillies, the very best is yet to come with Harper. Like I have mentioned before, when he catches fire and leads the Phillies into a deep postseason series, all will be forgotten due to his earlier struggles.
If Harper had been playing well all season, the Phillies are likely threatening that the Braves right now. I’d need ten hands to count the amount of times he has had a chance to bust a match open and he falls short. Pitching wins games in the postseason. Everyone understands that and Bryce along with his $330 million-dollar contract has to counter that. In any case, the Phillies need to be concerned about getting into the postseason.
The Phillies aren’t going to the postseason if the Wild Card Game was now. They are two games back, with the afternoon off so that they weren’t going to improve. The Nationals and Cardinals are holding onto leads that are slim. It’s still anybody’s branch at this point. The Diamondbacks who traded their ace are in the combination.
That does not speak to how great the middle of the National League isstill. It has been rather poor and the only complete team in the NL to speak of was the Dodgers. Even the Phillies welcome a Cubs team who are atop the NL Central by 2 games on the Cardinals. Philadelphia is the next stop on their road trip after a separation in Cincinnati against the Reds. Head below for our complimentary Cubs vs. Phillies pick.
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The Cubs got some positive news on Sunday with all the effort by Jon Lester. He showed up and pitched a good game to escape a funk. Lester was struggling mightily which could be a step in the ideal way for him. He was able to greatest ace Luis Castillo and lead the Cubs into a 6-3 win.
A split for your Cubs on the street would be an improvement. Considering that they have a record of 23-35 on the street, .500 is better than their general campaign for a visitor this year. The Cubs will be on the street for another six games before going back to Wrigley.
They expect to not only win three more matches, however. Jose Quintana will be tasked with leading the pitching staff for the Cubs that day. He enters with a respectable ERA of both 4.23 in 129.2 innings. That is on pace for his career, so no openings in Quintana.
He has enabled 5 home runs and 15 runs against the Phillies at 139 at-bats. Quintana was slightly worse pitching to the road, posting a 4.34 ERA along with 1.41 WHIP on the street. His latest revealing against the Phillies had been a victory in a 3-2 win, but that was at Wrigley Field.
Former New York Met, Jason Vargas will seem to settle for the Phillies. Vargas was the only performer who ended up becoming moved after all those rumors for months. No Wheeler or Syndergaard, but just Vargas.
He was eloquent in his debut with the Phillies, allowing two runs against the White Sox at 6.1 innings in the home. It was a separate story for him to the road against the Diamondbacks in Arizona, as he was hit 4 runs in five innings.
Vargas has played better at home at 2019, posting a 2.92 ERA and 1.18 WHIP rather than some 5.23 ERA along with 1.33 WHIP around the street. Even the Phillies as a team have been improved in the home with a listing of 34-26. Philadelphia are one of the very cold and hot teams at the majors.
Following the screen they place on San Francisco, then the general public will likely be on the Cubs here. This is the Phillies, though, and they look like a different team series-to-series. I am on the Phillies as little dwelling puppies Tuesday night.

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