It was scary in the 8th and 9th inning for the Chicago Cubs yesterday day, but the bullpen finally got the job completed to secure a 2-0 success. The night before, the Cubs managed to blow what looked like a safe lead in the 9th. However, a similar fate was not likely to occur again to the Cubs. Rowan Wick and tyler Chatwood combined to pitch three perfect innings, allowing no runs and no hits. The mistake was Tyler Chatwood devoting a walk.
Chatwood has developed that the Cubs have in their bullpen. Joe Maddon simply hasn’t been utilizing him enough, often turning into his conventional relievers instead of Chatwood, that has mostly been used as a rookie in his profession. One of the problems with turning to Chatwood more frequently is the sum of work he gets from the bullpen.
After things are rolling, he’s usually eclipsing 3 innings on the bulge, so that takes him from the equation to the next moment. Maddon has been careful to preserve his arm down the stretch to the most significant time of the regular season. However, after blowing off what should happen to be a sure win on Friday night, the Cubs needed to go to Chatwood to find some of their mojo back in the clubhouse.
Jon Lester must find some recognition in this area too. Lester was moving through conflicts, but appears to be back on the right track. The Cubs will want him down the stretch if they need to be playing in October. Lester was eloquent in 6 innings, having allowed only 4 hits and no runs. The Cubs will turn to Jose Quintana tonight, although the Pirates will go with Mitch Keller on Sunday Night Baseball. Head below for our complimentary Cubs vs. Pirates pick.
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Mitch Keller will be making just his fifth significant league start this evening and it comes in primetime on Sunday Night Baseball. The rookie has become some valuable experience up in the big leagues with the Pirates. It’s been a choppy beginning to his career, with a couple of horrible outings plus a few that went pretty well. His best effort came in his most recent outing, since he was sharp with just 1 earned run enabled in five innings against the Angels at Anaheim.
In his other positive outing, Keller surrendered 4 hits and 2 earned runs to the Tigers at home. The Tigers have one of the worst offenses in baseball, and that could have only been a consequence of playing a poor team. Keller was abysmal against the Braves and Reds in his other two excursions, letting 12 earned runs in 7 innings of work.
Luckily , he managed to bring down his numbers from the Tigers and the Angels, but the damage was done. Keller heads into Sunday night by an ERA of 7.94 and 2.00 WHIP. He would get a massive rush of confidence in case tonight proves to be a success nighttime at the workplace. I am not so sure he gets from this one using a stellar stat line, though. The Cubs slept yesterday afternoon and holding them down like that is going to be tough for the Pirates.
The Pirates get a date using Quintana tonight in the dish. He has been pitching extremely well recently. The Athletics and Phillies scored only 2 runs in complete across 13 innings of play Quintana. Quintana goes into this one with an impressive 1.89 ERA and also 0.79 WHIP in his past three outings.
It has been five trips since he’s allowed over 3 runs at a start and less runs in seven of his last eight appearences. The Pirates are hitting on just .202 with 3 home runs hit from Quintana in 124 showings in the plate. The Cubs have had their struggles on the street in 2019, however, look for them to wrap up this road trip with a win on Sunday Night Baseball.

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