Wayne Rooney believes England’s’Golden Generation’ could have”won what” when they had worked under a director of Pep Guardiola’s calibre.
Rooney, with 120 capsand England, competed at six significant tournaments but never evolved beyond the stage.
He believes the disappointing record of England was to coaching instead of a deficiency of talent.
“I see [England] with enthusiasm and pleasure when they’re winning,” he informed the Wayne Rooney Podcast.
“You take a look at our staff a decade ago and possibly we now had the best group of players in soccer.
“Rio Ferdinand, John Terry, Ashley Cole, [Steven] Gerrard, [Paul] Scholes, [Frank] Lampard, [David] Beckham, myself, Michael Owen – our team afterward, when we had a Guardiola with this particular group of players, we’d have won every thing, no doubt about it.”
Rooney is now the record goalscorer before Sir Bobby Charlton, four with 53 of England.
But he considers England captain Harry Kane – who has scored 26 goals for England – is still capable of overtaking that record.
“I never take targets for granted, I really like grading them. Once I got to 35 for England, I could feel that the record getting close,” Rooney said.
“I really don’t think it’ll stand for 50 years including Bobby Charlton’s, I believe Harry Kane, possibly the next a few years will… He’s a fantastic goalscorer and his record for England is excellent.
“When I got the record and then went for my last match I stated it’d be an honor to go and gift him like Bobby Charlton presented me with the golden boot and I am sure it won’t be before too long.”

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