To say it is a shock??that Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is retiring in the NFL is a enormous understatement. The has decided to hang up his cleats and move on to greener pastures but his choice has a ripple effect through the group.
We Odds Shark have witnessed a change in the Colts’ odds for the AFC South division Super Bowl stocks win totals and also the Week 1 disperse.
Let us break this Selection down and how it affects the Brief term and long duration:
Colts??fans were enthusiastic. Though Andrew Luck was dealing with a calf injury, no one in their right mind believed that he’d miss more than a game or two.
After 2018, the Colts were viewed as a group on the rise and one that may compete for a Super Bowl. Luck had arguably the best season of his career when he drove 39 touchdowns into 15 interceptions, had a career-high completion percent (67.3) and??was only sacked 18 times while leading the Colts to ten wins.
The Colts’ chances were 16-1 (+1600) to win the Super Bowl before Luck’s stunning statement and BetOnline has transferred those chances to 50-1 (+5000).
Luck’s replacement at quarterback is Jacoby Brissett and if he’s seen to get in a roster, the reality is that he will never measure up to make plays. It’s a step backwards for Indianapolis and oddsmakers understand it.
After the Colts won 10 games in 2018, BetOnline had Indy probably winning games again. The Colts’ O/U win total was at 9.5 as of August 21??with the OVER in -125. Now, the sportsbook has moved that the Colts’ projected regular-season win down to 6.5 using all the OVER at +110, which means a massive regression is anticipated.
The Colts have an easier schedule at the beginning of this 2019 year and three of their first four games are against teams that didn’t make the playoffs. If bettors think the Colts will be competitive, it is worth mentioning they have 11 games against teams that had records in 2018.
No one was disputing that they had been the team and should roll to a branch crown at 2019, Though the Colts didn’t win the AFC South at 2018. They had an roster of also a quarterback plus blue-chippers in his prime. BetOnline had the Colts in EVEN odds to win the division but with Luck they have sunk all the way .
I believe their chances should be higher or closer to +600 since quarterback play is necessary to an effective NFL team. Banking on Brissett to direct the Colts to victories??on the likes of the Texans, Jaguars and Titans feels like a tall order.
I’m convinced some bettors had their sights set on the Colts in Week 1 to pull the upset vs the Chargers and oddsmakers clearly thought it would be a close game. The opening odds were Colts +3.5 but without a Luck, Indy has??become a 9.5-point underdog at some sportsbooks along with the spread is around the place based on the store.
The Chargers were a team which didn’t have much of a home-field advantage since they’re playing in a stadium that is darkened until their new one is full in Hollywood. To get a team that ended with wins, and they had an ugly disperse record??in 2-6 ATS in eight home games and were a favored in all those contests.
I would wait to hear more about the way the Colts are currently doing in practice backing Indy on the spread may be a profitable endeavor based on LA’s house track record although resulting in Week 1.
In the meantime,??BetOnline has added some betting props for Andrew Luck and if he’ll play in 2019 or 2020 and how many begins Jacoby Brissett will create this??season:

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