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By Andrew Benson
Chief F1 writer
Red Bull’s Max Verstappen will start Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix as a result of a penalty for excess engine utilization from the back of the grid.
Honda’ wills run Spec Four’ motor in Monza, that will require him on the allowed number of motor parts for a season.
The motor wills run .
Honda F1 technical manager Toyoharu Tanabe explained:”We think they could still race strongly on Sunday.”
The Spec Four motor was run by the two teams’ other drivers, Red Bull’s Alexander Albon and the Daniil Kvyat of Toro Rosso, in the Grand Prix, even though Albon reverted to some engine for the race.
Tanabe added:”We gathered useful data in Spa, which we’ve used to create adjustments to power-unit settings and calibration in prep for this race.
“We will try to maximise the potential of Spec Four and expect to find another positive result, maintaining the momentum we gained from Spa.”
Honda refused to show whether the engine would be used by the motorists throughout the weekend at Monza.
Verstappen spoke regarding the likelihood of taking an engine penalty at Monza, also said he was unconcerned about it.
“I think that it could be all right to overtake,” he said. “Even in the event that you start from the back I do not think it is a huge thing.
“We all know Ferrari will be really fast there, and if you start from the rear you likely won’t catch the top four. Everything behind I think that it’s likely to catch up with.”
Red Bull team principal Christian Horner reported the operation of the Spec Four motor has been”encouraging”, adding:”Progress is definitely being produced and [the engine] delivering exactly what is expected”
Red Bull have shot the motors in this point since they want to guarantee they’re in the best possible position for Singaporethe race following Italy.
Honda is decided to get as strong a showing as possible at its house race in Japan in October.
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