Week 3 of the NFL Preseason kicks off Thursday night with six matches to the card. For what people refer to a dress rehearsal the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots are in action. I don’t know about that in this instance. Tom Brady may or may not play in this match. It’s not a great deal of dress rehearsal without Brady taking a snap.
Bill Belichick has not disclosed much, although brady has said he would like to get some snaps in the preseason. The Patriots have looked excellent, despite not playing in the preseason. Depth does not seem like a problem for the Patriots, particularly for their defense that’s going to be helpful in the regular season.
The Patriots enter with wins of 31-3 across the Lions and 22-17 over the Titans at the preseason. They seemed crisp and sharp in both games on the street. The Lions did not come close to scoring a touchdown since the Patriots came close to throwing a shutout. Be aware that Brady hasn’t played a down, and that they did just fine using the backups playing.
Brian Hoyer has lots of experience from the NFL, so if he receives the beginning here, it’s not likely to be something new to him. Cam Newton hasn’t played in the preseason too. He is coming from a shoulder injury that seriously limited his capacity to zip round the ball .
Newton will find an opportunity to shake off the rust off against the Pats in this . He played through the injury when he should not have. The Panthers weren’t a playoff competition, therefore pushing Cam was not a good move. Ron Rivera has said that Newton and series from the Pats will play four or three.
We won’t know until just prior to the game with Belichick will do with Brady, but they are in good company with two quality copies. Head below to our free Panthers vs. Patriots select for Week 3 of the NFL Preseason.
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This is a chance for Cam familiarize himself with an NFL area and to shake off the rust. Nothing is going to be too exotic for the crime in this spot. The Panthers started the preseason with a win against the Bears on the road, 23-13, and also a loss at home against the Bills. It’s become clear that the Panthers are likely to have no achievement.
The quarterback play behind Newton is not encouraging. Will Grier was drafted by the Panthers. He put up monster numbers at school, but that was a shotgun passer from the Big 12. Not every quarterback create like Pat Mahomes or even Baker Mayfield and instantly can visit the NFL. There are a lot more Big 12 QB busts.
The transition is generally tough to get quarterbacks playing that type of spread crime. For Mahomes, he gets by with his ability to scramble and find an open receiver. Grier does not have exactly the same capability to run around and make something. The Chiefs were intelligent by implementing elements of Mahomes’ offense.
This offense in Carolina is constructed approximately Cam Newton. Grier is going to have to demonstrate a whole lot more before he has coordinators structuring a playbook. Grier is coming off a shoddy performance, as he handed for 75 yards with an interception on 10-of-19 passing. I really don’t have a lot of faith in Kyle Allen and Tyler Heinicke against this deep New England defense too.
Who I really do have faith in his Patriots’ rookie Jarrett Stidham. I liked Stidham if he had been in school when he had been one of the few quarterbacks to work out the Alabama defense and I like his outlook. Everyone seemed to forget about him if it was completed, although stidham was discussed frequently during the school football season. The Patriots scooped him up at the fourth-round so far so great in New England.
Stidham passed for 179 yards and a touchdown against the Lions and followed it up with another marquee operation against the Titans. Stidham torched the Titans for 193 yards and a touchdown in a 22-17 win. 4th quarter play in the preseason covers and dismissed spreads. At house on Thursday night, I have more confidence from the Patriots’ backups to outperform that the Panthers within this .

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