The principal event of The International 2019 is just a week off and odd-makers have given TNC Predator a much better shot at winning. Looking through the rest of the DOTA 2 International odds, the chances of Team Secret improved despite being known as the favorites.
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Back on July 5th, TNC Predator had 25-1 odds to win International. Now unexpectedly a week ahead of the championship, they’ve shortened to 18-1. The Southeast Asian group hasn’t played in a tournament since the EPICENTER Major in which they finished fourth. There aren’t any new results to justify a change so TNC Predator has to be getting more respect. In the EPICENTER Major, TNC Predator finished above the likes of Team Secret, OG Esports, PSG.LGD and Ninjas In Pyjamas (NIP): most teams who had better chances than Vici on July 5th. The end result that stands out is their win on the Ninjas In Pyjamas from the group stage. Prior to this swap, the NIP had chances to win no matter their loss.
The championship was ESL One Birmingham. They have been second in Group A with a 6-4 list which included an additional. It looks like TNC Predator were finally given credit. Into a number of the top DOTA2 teams, they are still big underdogs In +1800, but they do better value.
As of the odds update that is current, Team Secret is more heavily favored. It been their year. They’ve obtained first place finishes the MDL Disneyland Paris Major, in The Chongqing Major One Katowice, and yes the list Continues.
They disappointed at the EPICENTER Major at which they finished , but it’d be shocking if they didn’t bounce back out of it. Occasionally a loss is crucial to assist a team get better.
Next to Team Secret at the odds is Vici Gaming. Vici presents greater value at 4-1 and they’re coming off a win in the EPICENTER Major where Secret popped out early. It is not their very first tournament win. A great deal of people overlook their triumph in DreamLeague Season 11 in which they knocked Team Secret into the losers bracket and conquer in the grand finals.
Vici is reckless, and if Team Secret is reeling then Vici will be in form and ready to capitalize.
Picks: Vici Gaming (+400)
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