Even the Oakland Athletics got off to a start to the series from the Yankees with a 6-2 win . As he had his best start that I can remember in a very long time it was a huge feat by Homer Bailey. He’s had his moments amidst a wreck the last few decades, but not a minute like this against a team with as much power since the Yankees have.
Bailey allowed only 1 earned runs across 5.2 innings, and the bullpen taken the load as well. Even the Athletics then lead throughout the match and got out to an early lead with 3 runs in the bottom of the 1st. Kudos to the A’s offense for hitting on a decent pitcher in Domingo German too.
German was tagged for 2 hits and 5 earned runs in 5.1 innings. Jonathan Loaisiga was strong for 2.2 innings, but the Yankees’ bats neglected to put together a comeback. Put up a fight and we waited to acquire one inning. However, that never came along with the Athletics earned a victory. There is time for shedding games today for the A’s.
Oakland are in the midst of a wildcard struggle with the Rays. They are neck and neck together. Beyond Rays and the A’s, there isn’t anything to talk of. Even the Red Sox come back by six matches, so their opportunities are slipping away but not entirely dead.
If things hold from the American League cleveland will be hosting the Wild Card Game at Progressive Field. Night presents a second game for the Athletics, wednesday. One of the most underrated pitchers in baseball today, Mike Fiers, will twist the ball to the Athletics. J.A. is expected to counter for the Yankees. Head under for our complimentary Yankees vs. Athletics pick.
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The exchange for Mike Fiers flew beneath the radar but it has paid off in a big way for the Athletics. You would be able to find some teams out there who want they would have paid attention to Fiers. Instead this past year of James Paxton, the Yankees could have gone with Fiers.
It wasn’t since Fiers was having a poor season, although the A’s did not get to the postseason in 2019. Fiers has experienced a consistent arm because the start of 2018. He posted a 3.56 ERA between Detroit and Oakland last year. He’s on pace for a similar ending this year. Fiers goes to Wednesday with a 3.46 ERA and 1.11 WHIP.
Fiers is coming off a performance against the Astros, though. He had been hit 6 hits and 5 earned runs in Oakland because of his worst start of this year. Despite this, the Athletics were able to notch a win over the Astros and Fiers . This was the first game Fiers allowed over 3 runs at home because the season opener on March 20th in Japan. He’s been better than most pitchers against the Yankees, as he has been good holding them into some .245 batting average in plate appearances.
J.A. Happ of the Yankees has failed to locate much consistency in 2019. He’s been falling back after submitting an ERA of 4.18 a year past. That was the first season that Happ had an ERA above 4.00 because 2015 with the Mariners. In 2019he will most likely have an ERA over 5.00 for the first time since 2011 in Houston.
In his past three starts, Happ has been inconsistent with a 6.89 ERA and 1.53 WHIP. He has allowed 4 or 4 runs in 3 of his past five outings. With the reduction last night, the Yanks are in their last 26 games in Oakland. The A’s are hungry in your home against a worthy opponent and probably look like the team who want it tonight.

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